No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0393

“Alright now, Grandpa, I’m hanging up. Get Ivan to come sign the contract tomorrow morning.”

“Jack is pretty smart, isn’t he? He saw through her deception, played along, and then retaliated!” Cecilia could not help but compliment.

“Thank goodness they are both fine. If Jack was dead, Kylie would be without a father!” Eugene Taylor, who was in his forties, lamented.

“So what if he dies, he’s just an outsider. He’s just a bodyguard, a rough man! My cousin Selena is such an excellent woman, she will get another man,” Ivan, on the other hand, dissed. He was still salty about the money spent—fifty million—on hiring such an elite hitman like Shadow, but got killed by Jack instead!

The mission was not completed, and on top of that, there would be no refund because the hitman was dead! That fifty million was burned overnight, just like that. They paid fifty million…just to see the enemy still alive.

“Ivan, watch your mouth. A stepdad will never treat his stepdaughter as well as one’s own father would. Besides, Jack has got a stable job with Drake’s now. Who’s to say he won’t succeed in the future? Jack, this young lad, I think he’s got potential. He’s smart, has a high income, and he can fight well! He’s the perfect match for Selena!” Eugene defended Jack.

Eugene hoped that Selena could come back to Taylor’s and work for them. He also hoped Jack could be acknowledged by the family so that the whole family could live peacefully under one roof.

“he’s just a soldier, a bodyguard. He’s no match to all the young masters out there!” Ivan was still obviously salty and continued to pick fights.

“Alright there, your uncle, Eugene, has a point. Jack is a bodyguard but he isn’t just any ordinary bodyguard. He’s a bodyguard at Drake’s. He has the potential to grow there.” Zeus could not take it anymore and interjected Ivan, “Ivan, you can’t penalize him just because of that conflict that happened. Besides, he has promised to compensate you with ten million on my birthday. If he kept his words, you should let this go. Understood?”

“Yes, Grandpa, I understand.” Ivan was still upset, and only said this to pacify his grandfather.
He quickly followed up with, “But if he can’t fulfill his promise, and didn’t get you an expensive gift, he’ll have to divorce Selena and leave the Taylor family according to the contract. Right?”

“Naturally. He suggested this condition, and he shall be a man to his words.” The old man nodded. Honesty was a virtue he upheld, Jack was no good for his grandaughter if he could not keep his words.

“What? What have I heard? You said you were kidnapped?” Selena, who was answering a call in her yard, was interjected by Fiona who was eavesdropping behind her. She got a bad feeling about this…


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