No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0395

So, Selena was certain that Dennis was not there for killing business. She was, however, perplexed by how he recovered so quickly so soon. He had serious injuries that day. She had estimated that Dennis would need to be bedridden for at least a fortnight. But look at him, he looked like a healthy young lad!

“What are you doing here?” Feeling scared, Fiona asked, “If you’re here for Jack, go ahead, it has nothing to do with us. Be clear with your target, he’s responsible for what he did, let him face the consequences, not us. Alright?”

Jack was dumbfounded by his mother-in-law’s actions.

“Jack, I’m here to thank you for that day!” Dennis intended to kneel before Jack but thought it was better for him not to as it might expose Jack’s true identity. So, he could only bow with his hands clasped.

Jack thought even that was unnecessary. Annoyed, he said, “Alright, what’s passed is past, there’s nothing to thank me for. Besides, it was such a dangerous situation. I’ll be ashamed of myself if I didn’t rescue you.”

“You’re right…” Dennis smiled as he presented a box to Selena. “Sis, Jack is my brother now, it’s only natural that I call you ‘sis’. Here’s a little gift for you, I hope you like it.”

“This…” Selena was shy. She looked at Jack, not knowing whether to accept the gift. At the same time, she was more shocked that Dennis, being a marshal himself, had addressed Jack as his ‘brother’. That was a lot of respect paid.

Then she thought Jack had saved Dennis’ life. So, it was no big deal for him to call Jack ‘brother’… Speaking of that, Jack was a lucky man indeed. O’Neal was already injured when Jack stepped into the ring and hit him one more time. Otherwise, Jack would be no match to O’Neal. O’Neal could have killed him, even!

“What are you waiting for? Thank the marshal now! It’s disrespectful to refuse the gift, you know?” Fiona nudged, her face filled with joy.

A marshal had just addressed Jack as ‘brother’, that was great news despite not knowing why Dennis did so. It seemed Dennis had owed Jack a favor. Most importantly, any gift from a marshal would be expensive. It was dumb if Jack declined it.

“Go ahead, take it! He came all the way to thank me and present you a gift, why not?” Jack advised.

“Thank you, Marshal Dennis!” Selena accepted the gift and smiled politely.

“you’re welcome. Jack had prescribed me medicine, and that saved my life. He is my brother now, I owe him my life. I’ll do as he says,” Dennis declared seriously.

“For real?” Jack was stunned.

Which to Dennis replied, “For real. I’m a man of my words!” Jack did not only save his life, Jack is the Supreme Warrior. Anyone would give their life up to a Superior Warrior.

“Very well. From today onward, you’ll be my wife’s bodyguard. You’ll keep her safe,” Jack requested.


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