No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0397

Fiona smiled and said, “Oh yes, Dennis, please have a seat inside. Do you want to have a few drinks too?”

“that won’t be necessary. It’s too late, I should go!” Dennis chuckled and soon drove away.

“Selena, let me see what that is?” Fiona was looking at the box in Selena’s hand. She was nearly dying from curiosity.

Selena opened the box and looked inside, “A jade bracelet. I think the material looks pretty good. I’m afraid it’s worth at least a few hundred thousand.”

“No way, so expensive!” Fiona drew in a cold breath, “Dennis is too generous!” Having said that, she turned her attention towards Jack, “Jack, you lucky boy, saving the life of Dennis. It seems to me that your medical skills are really good. Besides, he has even referred to you as his brother. It must be a blessing from your ancestors!”

“I’m just lucky!” Jack chuckled before entering the house.

Looking at Jack’s retreating back, Fiona shrugged and helped Selena put on the bracelet, “This bracelet looks really good on you! It’s a pity I can’t tell anyone that a marshal is our bodyguard. It’s really suffocating. I can’t even brag about it to my friends.”

“Ah, just keep a low profile. What’s there to brag about?” Selena sighed, at a loss on how to respond.

At this time, Ivan called Ken and Neil out.

“Young Master Taylor, how come you’re so free to invite us for drinks?” Neil smiled before he continued, “The hitman said that Jack will be killed within five days. Two days have passed, I wonder if she has taken any action?”

“Yeah, I really look forward to the day for Jack to be killed!” Ken started laughing.

Ivan’s expression was ominous, “The other party has already taken action!”

“Really? How was it? It must be a success, right? She’s very skillful and good at transfiguration. I didn’t expect that she could do it so soon,” Neil was overjoyed and looked at Ivan expectantly.

“She’s quick to take action and quick to die too!” Ivan picked up the glass of red wine in front of him and downed it in one gulp.

“What? Jack died that quickly? That’s too good for him. D*mmit, he should be tortured before being killed!”

When Ivan heard that, he could not help but sneer, “Yeah, we forgot to instruct the hitman to torture that guy first. It’s best to take a video of him kneeling and begging for his life so that we could watch it!”

Ken was also a little resentful, thinking that Jack had gotten off too easily.

“what the hell were you thinking about? D*mmit, I was talking about the hitman. She died too quickly!” Ivan smiled bitterly as he spoke, but in his heart, he was at a loss on how to react, “It’s still fine for her to die, but the point is, she kidnapped Selena this morning, and my contract ended up not being signed. When I returned home, the other family members actually made fun of me.”

“What!” Ken and Neil exclaimed in unison, wondering if their ears were playing tricks on them.

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