No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0401

Dennis spoke while smiling. “What time is the event tomorrow? I’ll probably drop by. It should be nice if there’s alcohol to go around!”

Jack said after he thought about it. “The opening ceremony is at twelve noon. But everyone will probably arrive earlier. Come by at around eleven o’clock!”

Dennis took a sip of the coffee before him. “Mmhmm. I have some recollection of that King of War, Magnus Sutherland. He was probably Ethan’s subordinate!”

Jack nodded. The two talked for a while before leaving.

They just walked out of the coffee shop when Tanya made an unexpected call.

“Is anything the matter, Miss Tanya?” Jack asked immediately after he picked up the call.

“Are you free now? It’s only one in the afternoon. Don’t tell me that you’re off from work already? Yvonne and I are about to go out shopping, but we don’t want to bring an entire band of bodyguards! So…” Tanya’s tone indicated that she was open to discussion.

“No problem!” Jack chuckled and did not know whether to laugh or cry. He was the Drakes’ bodyguard, yet Tanya used such a demure tone to talk to him. It was highly likely that no one would believe this if he told anyone else.

Soon enough, Jack arrived before the gates of the Drakes’ residence.

“Get in the car. I’ll drive this time!” At the entrance, Tanya and Yvonne were already inside the car, waiting for Jack.

Jack slid into the backseat. The car quickly shot toward the direction of the premium shopping mall in the city center. After they got down from the car, Jack and the other two quickly attracted the attention of the many shoppers in the mall. Some looked at Jack with pure admiration. He was walking with two absolute beauties, after all. Their long, sexy legs were enough to rival other beauties in a split second.

More importantly, between the two beauties, one was adorable, and the other, elegant while carrying the bearings of a queen. They radiated an aura of being unapproachable by a normal person.

“Who’s that man? Don’t tell me that both of those ladies are his? Tsk—tsk. How lucky of him!”

“Maybe. Look—he’s walking in the middle, with the two girls beside him. And the two ladies are wearing luxury items. He’s probably their sugar daddy!!”

“No way. The man is wearing such ordinary clothes!”

“You never know. Nowadays, some wealthy people like to keep a low profile, but they are absolutely loaded. I know of this general who was awarded tens of billions of dollars by the government after he retired. Don’t mention him keeping a low profile on a regular basis—he even eats pickled vegetables!”

Quite a few men could not help but discuss among themselves when they saw this.

The corners of Yvonne’s mouth twitched when she heard this. She shot the men a vicious glare. “What the h*ll did you just say? Speak more nonsense and I’ll gouge all of your eyes out! You bunch are as blind as bats anyway!”


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