No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0403

“Okay!” Yvonne nodded her head. It was true that the Drakes were the most influential family in Eastfield. Even the four most powerful families here were not contenders against the Drakes and did not dare to offend them. What should she be afraid of?

Unless he was from the most powerful family in Lone City. After all, Lone City was a few times larger than Eastfield, and naturally, they held more power. The aristocrats there were stronger than the aristocrats of Eastfield. There, they also possessed a fearsome strength; only that strength that was capable of scaring the Drakes.

“Tsk…tsk. Stop lying to my face. You can only afford one bodyguard. Heh. Think you can scare me?” Flynn chuckled. “My family is a second-class aristocratic family from Lone City,” he said. “What do you think? Afraid now, aren’t you?”

“No way. A second-class aristocrat? I’m so scared!” Tanya put on a fearful mask when she heard that.

“Oh my God, a second-class aristocrat. We’re doomed. We’re doomed!” Yvonne also played along with her.

“Hah! Good that you’re afraid!” Flynn thought that they were truly afraid and burst into guffaws. “Since you’re so afraid, be my women. What good is there to be with a bodyguard? If you’re with me, I guarantee that from now on even if you walk sideways, nobody dares to say anything!”

Jack was amused when he heard that. “Don’t tell me that you come from a family of crabs? You like walking sideways when you’re outside?”

“That’s right. Young Master Crab. Hah! His father is definitely Father Crab, and there’s Grandfather Crab…” Tanya chuckled in delight when she heard that.

“How bold of you to speak like that of the Banes!”

The corners of Flynn’s mouth twitched. He was so angry that his entire face turned pale. Nobody dared to speak of the Banes like that in Lone city. Furthermore, Eastfield was not as powerful as Lone City. That was why he really did not have anything to be afraid of, aside from a few first-class aristocratic families and the Drakes.

He simply decided to cut straight to the point and waved his hand. “Beat the guy up to death. Take the women away. I’m going to have a taste of two beauties today! How dare you look down on the Banes. I’ll let you know the true meaning of regret today!”

“Look here, offending our young master is akin to digging your own grave. Get it?”

“They knew that our young master is from a second-class aristocratic family, yet they still dared to provoke him. You’ve got some guts!”

The bodyguards started to walk over, wicked smiles on their faces.

“These are new. Seems like you fired the trash that you used last time. Did you hire more professional fighters from Lone City? Jack did not recognize any of the bodyguards before him. He gave a warm smile as he spoke.

“Hah. Your memory isn’t too bad, you b*stard. You actually remember that these aren’t the bodyguards from before!” Flynn laughed and said, “You’re pretty skilled. If you get down on your knees and beg and volunteer to help out the Banes from now on, I’ll consider if I should spare your life!”

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