No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0404

Jack did not know whether to laugh or cry when he heard that. “From what I see, you’re a pretty good-looking guy, and you stand out from the crowd,” he said. “Why don’t you consider helping me polish my shoes?”

“You ungrateful f*cker! Get him!” Flynn snarled viciously as he waved his hand. He was someone who recognized and treasured talents in people, yet the other man refused to take up his offer. It was something he would never foresee.

“These bodyguards seem to be better than the ones I faced last time. But they’re still trash in my eyes!” Jack’s lips curled into a wry smile. He took two steps forward and clenched his fists, moving first.

The men who rushed over first all received a punch to their faces before they could respond. They flew backward, spitting blood with their front teeth, broken.

“Ah!” One of the men—who looked thirty-odd—had extremely fast fists, and his technique was extremely sound.

Jack observed him. This man’s fighting skill was probably a little better than several assistant commanders in the army. However, he was not a threat in Jack’s eyes. He clenched his fists and punched forward, his fist meeting the other man’s.

In a flash, the two men’s fists collided. The other man flew backward with no way of retaliating.

“What?” The man took a sharp intake of breath, extreme shock flooding his veins. He was probably one of the strongest among this group of bodyguards. He never expected Jack to be so strong, to be so much faster than him—that he would be sent flying with a single fist. It was as though he was facing off against a huge rock.

It did not take a full minute for all the twenty bodyguards to be lying down on the floor. Some of them felt like their arms had been broken. One of them cradled his hand with the other, crying out in pain. Some others had lost quite a few of their teeth, and blood streamed down from their nostrils.

“Young Master Bane, right? Time for you to shine. Come over. It’s your turn. Now that they’ve all been defeated, shouldn’t you step up as their young master?” Jack smiled and motioned toward the other man.

Young Master Bane gulped and stared at the bodyguards on the floor. Cold sweat beaded down the nape of his neck.

After a while, he finally spoke in a flippant manner, “I was just joking around. That day, I saw that you had such great fighting skills, so I purposely rounded up quite a few fighters today and took them out onto the streets, hoping to run into you and get them to fight you. You’ve opened my horizons!”

“Didn’t you call me an ungrateful f*cker just now?” Jack chuckled and asked.

“No way. I already said that I was joking. I’m not much of a fighter myself. So no thank you!” Flynn wiped his forehead; a film of cold sweat came off. He wheeled around, preparing to leave.

“You’re leaving? Do you believe that I can kill you in three seconds? Even though you’re five meters away from me!” Jack said coolly.

Flynn only took one step before he stopped in his tracks, frozen. He did not harbor an inch of suspicion toward Jack’s claim. It would probably take the man two seconds to catch up to him, and another to kill him. Three was enough.

He craned his head backward. “I – I’m a Bane, from a second-class aristocratic family,” he said. “We have plenty of fighters in our family who haven’t shown their faces yet. You’d better think about it. You probably won’t be able to escape if you kill me!”

“I don’t fear death. Besides, I believe that every problem can be solved once we get there!” Jack laughed. That one sentence sent a chill crawling up the other man’s spine.

A rich man like him only feared meeting someone who did not fear death. He was powerful, but as the saying goes, a beggar can never be bankrupt. If someone like that killed you, you would be the only loser around even if he eventually killed himself. After all, he was the young master of a second-class aristocratic family. He had a bright and beautiful future before him.


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