No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0407

“Ahem. It’s not that my pockets are bursting, but it’s so hard to be able to accompany such beauties while they’re shopping. And they’re such bombshells too. We can shop for another half an hour!” Although his heart ached for his money, Flynn’s expression was nonchalant. He just wanted to stall them for a while longer.

Who knew if he would be able to run into them in the future if they left just like that? He was going to wait until his cousin came and kill that man. He would play around with the girls and finally release the grudge he had been holding.

“Never mind. I don’t want to shop. Let’s go!” Yet Tanya and Yvonne did not like taking advantage of others. They did this just to teach the man a lesson. After all, they did not lack money themselves either.

After they said that, the trio went toward the first floor and exited the mall. After Flynn went to the entrance, Ken and the others still had not arrived. Anxiety clenched his chest.

All his bodyguards were all sitting on the floor. It was evident that they were involved in a brawl from before, and now they looked absolutely dejected. He did not yell for them to leave. It was obvious that the bodyguards did not dare to leave either.

“Why aren’t they here yet?” He watched as Jack and the others walked toward their car. Flynn was in an extreme state of panic now, and he did not know what to do.

However, just at this moment, a few cars zoomed over and parked nearby. Ken and Dan and a whole cohort of men exited the cars. Flynn’s heart leaped in delight when he saw that his cousin had brought plenty of men over—good fighters too.

He immediately spoke to Tanya and the others, “Stop right there. You little sl*ts. You spent so much money and you’re leaving just like that? Hmph! In your dreams!”

Jack instantly turned around. A cold smile graced his lips. It turned out that the b*stard had called in reinforcements. Furthermore, the reinforcements were familiar faces to him.

“Oh, you’re quite bold, aren’t you, Young Master Bane? Seems like the men that are walking over are your reinforcements.”

Tanya took a look, and could not help but smile as well.

“Hah! So long as you know! My cousin is a second-class aristocrat here—the young master of the Clark family. Hmph, you think you can bully me because I’m a foreigner here? I’m willing to bet that you’ve heard of my cousin. Are you scared now?” Flynn was very confident. He believed that Jack could not take on this group of bodyguards.

“Flynn, don’t tell me that the people who bullied you are them?” Ken came over and studied Jack and the others. His expression darkened. Jack was an extremely skilled fighter; even Dan had told everyone to not provoke him.

Besides, Jack was the bodyguard of the Drake family now. Miss Tanya and Yvonne were both here. How could he even dare to provoke them? Provoking the Drake family was akin to digging his own grave.

Flynn had never seen Ken looking so forlorn before. “That’s right. It’s them,” he said with his usual cockiness. “My bodyguards were beaten up by this punk. He’s pretty skilled, but you brought Dan over. Surely it won’t be a problem.

“I want to teach them a good lesson this time. Kill the man. As for the two ladies, I’ll bring them home with me and tame them nicely. I’ll let them know how amazing of a man I am!” Flynn spoke viciously, clearing giving no regards toward Jack and the others.

“I think you’ll have to drop it, Flynn!” The corners of Ken’s mouth worked violently. His features were contorted into an unreadable expression.

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