No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0409

“Yes, ma’am!” Jack nodded his head. After all, that b*stard had not provoked them just once before. Besides, he dared to humiliate Miss Tanya. It would be unreasonable for them to allow him to get away with this.

“Don’t you dare! I’m telling you now—I’m a Bane, and my family is a second-class aristocrat in Lone City. Our second-class aristocratic family there is way stronger than all of you here. The Big Five of our family are also very powerful! Your ‘strength’ merely lies in your wealth and your properties. Your fighters might not necessarily be stronger than ours though!” Flynn was frightened to the bone when he saw Jack walking over. He had no choice but to grit his teeth and threaten the other man.

“You’ve got some nerve, actually threatening us instead of begging for your life at this moment!” Jack chuckled and took a step forward. He snatched the other man’s arm and tightened his grip around it. “Snap!”

Jack’s movement looked casual, but the crack of a bone broke out loud and clear.

“You…” Never in Flynn’s wildest dreams that Jack, a mere bodyguard, would dare to do something like this to him. The agony drained all color from his face, and he fainted right on the spot.

Shock also jolted up Ken and Dan’s spines. They were stunned beyond comprehension. Jack was so vicious. He had lashed out without any hesitation. More importantly, it did not seem that he had used much strength, yet it was obvious that Flynn’s arm was broken—and it was not a clean fracture, but it had been completely shattered.

“Miss Tanya, you can see it for yourself, right? There’s no way to save this guy’s arm. All he can do is amputate it!” Jack turned around and spoke to Tanya.

“Good work!” Tanya smiled and told Ken, “Young Master Clark, take your cousin and leave. And tell him to stop preying on ladies on the streets from day till night. I hate perverts like him the most. Consider it a mercy that I didn’t have him killed even after he provoked me three times. I’ll kill him for certain if he comes around again!”

“Yes, Miss Tanya. You’re right. I’ll take him and leave right now. Don’t worry about anything. I’ll make sure that your message gets to him!” Although Ken was dissatisfied that Tanya did not spare him some dignity yet he had no choice but to acknowledge his bad luck. Of all the people he could offend, this b*stard just had to offend Tanya Drake.

“Let’s go! We’ll send Young Master Bane to the hospital!” Ken felt very helpless. He threw a piercing look at Jack before leaving.

“Seems like Jack is a very skilled fighter!” Ken said to Dan while they were seated in the car after they left.

“He’s ridiculously strong. It seemed like he didn’t use his strength much just now, but that was scary enough. If he used his true strength, it would be so terrifying that I dare not imagine it!” Dan wiped a sheen of cold sweat away. He thought about it for a while before he added, “Logically speaking, such a skilled fighter can’t just be a normal grunt after five years of being in the military. He must have held some sort of position!”

“Yeah. That punk probably wasn’t your run-of-the-mill soldier. He’s probably at least a commander!” Ken frowned as well, thinking for a while before he spoke, “Of course, there’s no way that he’s a general. He would have showed off a long time ago if he held such a position, or if he was a god of war.”

“If he was a commander, I’d guess that he was the head commander!” Dan thought about it for a while and said, “Oh, right. I heard that the government pays you about a billion as a retirement bonus if you’re a head commander. Regular commanders only get about 10 million!”

“One whole billion!” The corners of Ken’s mouth twitched when he heard this. If Jack really had one billion in his account, did that not mean that he could fork out the money needed for grandfather Taylor’s birthday?

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