No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0410

Soon enough though, Ken shook his head in disbelief. “No way. Why is that punk so low-profile if he indeed has a billion dollars?”

“I don’t know. Some people have always been more low-profile—or maybe he just doesn’t want to live too extravagantly!” After Dan thought about it, he explained helplessly, “Young Master Clark, listen to me. Selena Taylor is beautiful, but can’t you find some other woman with the money you have? You can’t provoke Jack no matter what! Understand?”

“Shut up! Stop nagging at me like you’re my mother!” Ken exclaimed angrily, extremely dissatisfied.

He just could not believe that Jack would be so low-profile if he had so much money. The punk was a good fighter, yes, but it did not mean that he was a commander or something in the army. Besides, so what if he was a commander? He would die anyway if he provoked a man like Ken Clark. Now, he had no reason to be anxious. He believed that the matter of Jack would solve itself once grandfather Taylor’s birthday came around. He would be kicked out of the Taylors. If there was really no way to kick him out, the bag of medicine with Xena would definitely kill Jack sooner or later.

Dan heaved an internal sigh when he saw Ken’s anger spiking. He had already said what he needed to say as a subordinate. He had no way around it if Young Master Clark still refused to listen.

In the end, Dan flashed a bitter smile and said to Ken. “How are you going to explain this to your aunt? Your cousin came over for a vacation and to have fun with you!”

Ken was suddenly struck with a dilemma. “What can we do? We can only tell the truth. He asked for it. My aunt and uncle can probably do nothing but accept it once they find out what happened. After all, he offended the Drakes. Anyway, the Drakes did this, not me. They can’t pin the blame on me.”

Dan nodded his head. “You’re right, Young Master. But I suggest that you wait for a few days before telling them about this. I’m worried that they might not be able to take it immediately, seeing their son in a condition like this. Let’s see how Young Master Bane’s arm turns out first—if there’s any treatment that will make it better.”

Ken nodded his head. “True. We can’t believe everything Jack says. What does he know anyway? Of course, some skillful doctors would be able to treat this.”

“You’re really decisive when it comes to a target, aren’t you? I didn’t see you furrow your brow and Young Master Bane was already…” On the way back to the Drakes’ residence, Yvonne could not help but glance backward at Jack. What happened just now had been a little shocking.

Jack gave a magnanimous grin instead when he heard that. “You’ve never experienced what it’s like on the battlefield. You’ve never seen the entire field and mountain strewn with corpses and missing limbs. You’ve never smelled the stench of blood cloying the air. All of you live behind our shields, leading peaceful lives. On the battlefield, you’re dead if you don’t kill the enemy first!”

“That’s true! Who knows how long this war would have lasted if not for people like you!” Yvonne bobbed her head. Her eyes were filled with admiration as she looked at Jack.

“Thank you for today, Jack. Why don’t you stay back and come with us for dinner?” After Tanya thought about it, she could not help but say to Jack when they arrived at the Drakes’ residence.

It was true that if not for Jack, there was no way to predict what would have happened with Young Master Bane not being aware of their identities just now. If she had said that she was a Drake, it was possible that he would not have believed it.

“All right. But let me call my wife and tell her about this first!” Jack nodded his head after he thought about it.

“Okay. Then we’re going in to sort out our things first. We’ll rest for a while, take a shower, then we’ll go out in the evening!” Tanya nodded her head happily. She went into her villa along with Yvonne.

Jack called Selena and told her about this. Only then did he return to his own villa to rest. When the sky dimmed, Tanya and Yvonne came down, dressed in casual denim hot pants and loose-fitting T-shirts. They also wore sunglasses. They came before Jack.

“Seriously? You’re wearing sunglasses at night?”

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