No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0417

“You… What’s wrong with you?” Tanya wanted to stand up and take care of the matter. She loathed bullying the weak, and this thug even went as far as hitting someone without negotiating or even talking it out.

However, before she could step up, she noticed Jack’s tightly clenched fists. Not knowing why, she felt a surge of happiness within her. Perhaps it was because she did not expect Jack to share a trait similar to hers—a distaste for injustice.

“Do you think one thousand is enough?”

“My clothes do cost a thousand dollars, that’s right! But, how about the medical cost of hitting me just now? And also the cost of shaving ten years off of my life? I’m mentally traumatized!” Brother Tempest wore an evil smirk on his face as he continued, “I don’t want you to pay for my clothes. I want the exact same clothes! The one I am wearing, before you ruined it! Can you do it?”

“You—you all, don’t go too far! We’ve apologized to you. Besides, you’ve hurt him!” The woman clasped her hands over her mouth as tears shimmered in her eyes. Her eyes told everything; hurt and grief.

“I hit him because he provoked me first, and because his face deserved my palm. That’s a different thing.” Brother Tempest merely smirked as he spoke.

“Wife, it’s my fault. I didn’t expect the floor to be so slippery, so I fell down!” The delivery man’s face contorted. He had nothing in his mind to clear up the mess he was in. This was his first time to meet such an unreasonable rogue. He was utterly floored.

“Oh, husband and wife. Interesting…” Brother Tempest flashed a lopsided grin and continued, “Okay, let’s not make the situation more difficult. How about you give a hundred thousand, and I’ll let the two of you leave. Otherwise…”

“Isn’t this too much?”

“Right! He didn’t do it on purpose. Besides, he only patted you lightly. You didn’t even shed a single strand of hair! Do you really want it that way?”

“Yeah! He apologized, and the clothes aren’t dirty at all! This man is utterly unreasonable, and he’s even beating up the husband!”

“Sigh! The couple both work as delivery people. It’s already hard for a normal family to maintain their daily life, and now this thug asks for one hundred thousand? How can they fork it out?”

“This guy is obviously threatening the couple!”

The crowd at the scene felt injustice for the couple and began to criticize the thugs.

“What does it matter to all these f*ckers! Are you all wishing for death? Don’t you recognize the Eagle Clan?”

Brother Tempest shot the crowd a deadly stare. His eyes were so terrifying that the crowd was hushed in an instant, and silence overtook the atmosphere.

The boss of this food stall was annoyed by the incident as well, but he knew how terrifying the Eagle Clan was. If he stepped up for the couple and went against the Eagle Clan, he was afraid that his food stalls would be closed forever. Therefore, he could only sympathize with the couple in silence and stand down.

“Sir, I was wrong! It’s all my fault! Could you please forgive us? I’ll give you two thousand, okay? I really don’t have a hundred thousand. There are old people and children in my family that I need to provide for and take care of. Please!”

“Please, Sir, please! I beg you!” The delivery man looked at Brother Tempest and pleaded with tears brimming in his eyes.

“Two thousand? I said one hundred thousand, and you actually offered two thousand? Are you a f*cking comedian? You won’t even bargain that much when buying clothes in the store, right?”

Brother Tempest sneered before continuing, “Well, there’s another way to settle this, and it doesn’t involve money.” His eyes were fixated at the wife.

“Really? Thank you, Sir! Thank you so much!” The heavy rock in the unfortunate man’s heart was lifted away. His mood lightened.

“Don’t thank me yet. I haven’t told you what my conditions are!” Brother Tempest chortled. “You’ll be going home on your own tonight and you’ll lend your wife for a night. She’ll drink with all the brothers tonight, and we’ll return her to you tomorrow morning.”

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