No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0418

The color was drained out of the delivery man’s face when he heard Brother Tempest’s suggestion. He stumbled a few steps backward and stood frozen. He was no idiot; he could tell what these thugs were after. Letting them keep his wife for a night was the same as pushing his wife to a brothel! Nonetheless, a hundred thousand for him was also a huge sum of money. He would not be able to fork it out, even if he was to sell everything he had.

“You…” The woman was so angry that her eyes glowed red, but at the same time, she found herself without any other option.

She had also heard that there were several clans; all of them intimidating. This Eagle Clan was way more overbearing and domineering than the Dragon God Clan. Ordinary citizens like them were afraid of offending these clans.

“My good Sir, please, I beg you. There’s nothing good about my wife. She’s plain-looking! Besides, we have a five-month-old child, waiting for my wife to go back and breastfeed him. Please, let us go, I beg you! I’ll give you two thousand. That’s all I have on me now…” The husband grabbed the thug’s sleeve as he profusely pleaded.

“Let go of my clothes! You’re a food delivery man, and God knows how much germs and bacteria are on your hands. Touch my clothes again, and I’ll kill you!” Brother Tempest growled as he looked at the delivery man’s hand on his clothes.

The delivery man loosened his grip immediately, but no one would expect his next action—he knelt on the ground and started pleading again.

“Please, Sir… Please, I beg you! You’re a good man!”

“So much nonsense! Don’t play your pity card! I don’t buy it!” Brother Tempest kicked the delivery man at his stomach that sent him a few steps back. “Does it matter how old your kid is to me?” he sneered. “You have two choices: Give me one hundred thousand and you two can leave, or leave your wife with us. Pick!”

“He won’t choose!” A cold and disdainful deep voice shot through the space at this moment.

Jack and Tanya slowly came to view soon after, and the pair approached the thug in tandem.

“Who the heck are you?” Brother Tempest’s expression hardened as he turned around, annoyance written across his face.

He was momentarily stunned at what he saw before his expression changed. “Oh, it’s you,” he spoke. “What’s the matter? Had too many drinks that you’re feeling tipsy right now, huh? What now? Alcohol gave you the courage to step up for this couple?”

“Brother Tempest, the two women beside this punk are so good-looking. We’d strike the jackpot if he’s genuinely here to help this couple out. We could take these two women together with this man’s wife later!” A plump thick thug had a lopsided smirk on his face.

“It’s not a bad idea. I didn’t think about it at first, but since this punk wants to defend the couple, he can’t blame me for taking his women away, right?” Brother Tempest laughed out loud as well.

Jack, on the other hand, did not bother to pay attention to the other party. He turned to the man who was on his knees and said, “Tiger, get up! You do have other choices tonight!”

Tiger had seen Jack before this whole fiasco even started. He felt as though this man looked a little familiar, but he just could not put a finger on it.

Now that he heard his voice, his eyes went round and his jaw dropped. “J—Jack? Is that you?”

“Yes, my friend. I’ve returned from the military.” Jack nodded and chucked. “I never thought you’d be married and have a kid in these five years! Five years… How time flies!”

“Tiger, is… Is this the man that you’ve told me before? Your former colleague, your good brother, Jack?” The woman’s eyes widened as she looked at Jack in surprise. She had heard from Tiger that Jack had gone for the military five years ago and had not come back since then. They were afraid that Jack might have died on the battlefield as he sacrificed his life for the country. Yet, here he was. Never did it cross their minds that Jack was alive and well.

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