No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0422

Jack and Tanya quickly went to Yvonne’s side. Yvonne was slumped over on the table at this moment, soundly asleep.

“So that’s why she was silent for the longest time; she’s asleep. Now what are we going to do? We didn’t drive out here.” Tanya glanced at Jack before she added, “You’ll have to carry her back.”

“Well, that’s not appropriate, right?” Jack gave Yvonne a once-over. The awkwardness he felt was so strong that it showed on his face.

Yvonne’s breasts were rather large, and it was just his bad luck that she wore a rather skimpy skirt. Most of her thighs were exposed. If he was to carry her back, it would be impossible for him to not touch her body… The most important thing was, although Yvonne was sexy and dressed boldly, he could tell Yvonne was not that innocent of a woman.

Jack assumed she had not exactly let go of the incident from back then. Otherwise, she would never have tried so desperately to outdrink him and get him drunk.

“What isn’t appropriate? You’re not expecting me to carry her back, are you?” Tanya rolled her eyes at Jack. “It’s getting late. Don’t you want to get home early?” she spoke.

Left without a choice, Jack could only laugh in defeat before pulling Yvonne to her feet effortlessly. He then squatted down and carried Yvonne on his back.

She slumped over onto Jack’s back while Jack hugged both her legs. This made him feel very conflicted. He had never carried Selena to this day. He never expected that the first woman he would carry on his back would be Yvonne. If he had known this would be the outcome for today, he would have driven here earlier. He blamed himself for suggesting that they walked here as he thought the distance was not too far. Tanya, who was walking next to them, chuckled mischievously when she noticed Jack’s look of mild distress.

“You seem flustered and embarrassed. Are you?” Upon noticing Jack’s silence while maintaining a cold expression, she added, “Come on now, you have such a helpless look on your face. Had it been any other man, they would’ve been ecstatic to be able to carry such a beautiful woman on their back. Oh man, those legs… those breasts…” Cue the fake coughs from Tanya. “You know. Aren’t you supposed to feel extremely happy?”

“I haven’t even carried my wife yet. I didn’t expect…” Jack felt guilty. He felt like he had wronged Selena.

Tanya had nearly passed out from his comment as she said, “No way, right. Your child is already so old now, and you…”

As she spoke, she suddenly realized something before continuing, “I almost forgot that you enlisted to fight on Ivan’s behalf back then. You became a soldier on the very next day of your marriage. That journey took five years, and you had just returned. Your relationship with your wife isn’t all that deep then…” Something then dawned on her. “If that’s the case, would your wife stop you from sleeping with her, from touching her?”

To cover his embarrassment, he rolled his eyes at her. “You little brat, how could you be this curious?” he dismissed her. “I think you should get yourself a boyfriend to keep you under control! You live like a little child. Even when you walk, you’d hop around like a child!”

Tanya made an ugly face at Jack before walking in front of Jack with both arms behind her back while she began to hop around. She looked like a spoiled little princess.

“Hmph! There’s nothing wrong with it,” she sassily countered. “This way, I’d live free and happy. How nice is that? I can’t always live like you, keeping such a bitter look on your face all day!”

As they were about to cross a zebra crossing at this moment, a car unexpectedly ran a red light and was speeding toward them.

“Look out!”

Jack was like a deer caught in headlights. By instinct, he swiftly pulled Tanya to him.

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