No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0423

“Not good!” Instantly realizing Yvonne was still on his back, he quickly stretched out to hold onto Yvonne.

As Yvonne was already light on her feet in her drunken state, the force of Jack’s tug made her stumble and fell onto him. Jack was wedged between two women. As he lost his balance, he stumbled and fell onto Tanya since her weight had dragged him down with her.

She had pulled Jack’s arm in fright and fear, thus the force of her tug pulled him down with her.

All of that happened in an instant. His only intention was to keep both women from harm, yet Jack was sandwiched between both Tanya and Yvonne in the end.

“Ugh!” Tanya never expected the instant she fell, and by pulling Jack toward her, their lips would meet.

Time had seemingly stopped moving at that instant as Jack’s weight pinned her down. Her blush seared through her face as her breathing became labored.

“Nghh…” Utterly speechless, he immediately raised his head and was about to get up.

He had forgotten that an extra weight—Yvonne—was pushing him down, and he fell back once more. Jack felt extremely flustered. As he had just parted his lips from Tanya, Yvonne who had fallen on top of him, pushed their lips together again.

Of course, Tanya knew it was all an accident, but that happened to be her first kiss. It was, indeed… Hundreds of thoughts went rampant in her mind. This was way too much of a coincidence, and the entire situation was way too embarrassing.

“Oh my god, I actually kissed a married man. His child is already four… I…” Tanya felt so embarrassed. Although Tanya had so much respect for her bodyguard, she never had any ulterior intentions toward him. This entire situation was far too cruel for her.

Jack was stunned for a second before stumbling his way from them. He then helped Tanya up and carried Yvonne on his back again.

“I assume you know that was an accident earlier. I didn’t mean to do that. You wouldn’t call me a creep, right?”

Embarrassment swept over Jack as he hoisted Yvonne to his back once more, unable to meet Tanya’s eyes. Tanya was still a young lady, and he actually…

“Yeah, I know that you won’t intentionally do that. Don’t you worry, I won’t call you a creep.” Tanya’s blush never left her face, and her flustered expression remained unchanged. Her cheeks still felt warm.

“Yeah, that car actually ran a red light earlier. What a horrible driver!” Flustered, Jack quipped up a conversation as he changed the topic skillfully. In truth, he was breaking out with cold sweat. He would be lying if he said both Tanya and Yvonne did not smell sweet at the slightest, but his conscience reminded him that he already had a wife, so he should not have any inappropriate thoughts.

“Yeah, what a horrible driver!” Tanya stomped her feet. She then looked at Jack as she mustered a reply, “Thank God you pulled me out of the way earlier. Otherwise, I would’ve been run over earlier. Still…could you not tell anyone about what happened earlier? It’s too embarrassing.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll take it to my grave.” Jack let out a sigh of relief. Fortunately for him, Tanya was still a reasonable woman. She would not throw a fit at him or resent him over something they both had no control over.

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