No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0424

“You wouldn’t want me to carry her back to the room as well, right?” Jack frowned when he realized they were approaching the Drake family’s residence entrance. He felt somewhat abashed.

After all, it would embarrass him to no end if any of the bodyguards on patrol, or even the ones standing guard at the door, spotted him.

“Nonsense. Are you expecting me to carry her, then? Besides, she’s already on your back. so hurry up and carry her to the bed.”

Tanya rolled her eyes at Jack. She could not shake off the awkward feeling she was experiencing after Jack had kissed her. Twice, even.

“Hold on a second.” Noticing something, she immediately took out a piece of wet napkin. “Come, let me help wipe your mouth.”

She gently wiped Jack’s mouth as she spoke. “Oh my god… There’s lipstick stain on it,” she fretted. “If anyone were to notice this, nothing we say can paint us as innocent.”

Jack cringed as he heard that statement, and he thanked his lucky stars that Tanya noticed such a small detail. Otherwise, if he had headed home and Selena noticed it instead, how on Earth was he going to explain to her? Not to mention, he had an unreasonable mother-in-law at home. Nevermind her daughter; would his mother-in-law not have forced Jack to divorce her daughter immediately?

“Oh, thank goodness you noticed that.” As he stared at Tanya who was carefully wiping his lips for him, embarrassment crept in him once more. He wanted nothing more than to hide away in a crack somewhere. His entire face had a pink tint to it.

“All done!” Tanya turned around and forced herself to stay calm, even though her heart was pounding. This was her first time doing something so intimate. She was slowly becoming a nervous wreck.

Moreover, Jack was undeniably handsome. His face looked perfectly detailed as it screamed masculinity. This dashing face made her nervous in an instant. However, she did not help Yvonne to wipe away her lipstick while she was being carried on Jack’s back because it would be very inconvenient to do so.

The trio finally arrived at the main entrance at last. When the few bodyguards noticed Jack and Tanya, they frantically greeted her. When they raised their heads once more, however, all of them wore the look of surprise on their faces when they looked at Jack. One of them was so shocked that he was literally wide-eyed. His eyeballs nearly popped off of his sockets.

Yvonne was a well-known beauty, and the main attraction was how sexy and feminine she looked. Her body was, for a lack of a better term, otherworldly! The most important point was that this woman was incredibly protective of herself. Plenty of young masters who failed to pursue Tanya due to her incredibly high status would then move on to pursue Yvonne instead.

However, no matter what gifts were given or how much they expressed their love, Yvonne would never agree to their advances. She would also never enter a bar or any places similar to one. Only Tanya could drag her out for a karaoke session in any normal circumstances. Yet, here they were: Jack was carrying Yvonne at his back. This scene alone made everyone jealous.

Jack lowered his head and strode in. He wanted nothing more than to avoid the staring gazes of these people as soon as possible. He felt skittish, but he willed himself to calm down. They should know he was the fearless Supreme Warrior, even when facing enemies by tens of thousands. Those enemy forces would tremble at the sheer mention of the Supreme Warrior. The allies, however, would be more motivated to fight in battle at the sheer mention of the Supreme Warrior! Such a powerful figure actually felt considerably nervous and bashful at this moment. The other veterans might be extremely shocked and surprised if they heard about it.

“Miss Tanya! Jack!” Just when Jack thought he could have a breather, he heard Kyle’s rough and rowdy voice from behind.

“Kyle, Harvey, what are you guys doing here?” Tanya turned around and asked, a bashful smile on her face.

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