No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0425

“Oh, we just got back from having a few drinks outside!” Kyle laughed as he stared at the woman on his back. He cheekily gave Jack a thumbs-up. “You sure are something, Boss,” he spoke nonchalantly. “Other common folk would carry their beauties back in their arms and you, on the other hand, gave a beautiful woman a piggyback ride!”

Jack felt overwhelmed internally as he shot Kyle a menacing glare. “What nonsense are you spouting? You’re really asking for a beatdown, aren’t you?” he spluttered. “Miss Yvonne is drunk, and I’m only carrying her back!”

Harvey chuckled since Jack was worshipped as every Drake bodyguard’s idol. All of them highly respected him. Jack should know that not even the Three Major Guardians of the Drake family had such treatment.

“Hurry up and scram! I am an honorable man, so why should I feel guilty about anything anyway?” Jack glared at everyone before turning around and entering the mansion with Yvonne on his back.

Tanya burst into laughter as she followed Jack closely behind.

“Boss sure is something, alright. He got Miss Yvonne drunk!”

“Yeah. When about seven to eight of us went out for a meal previously, we ran into Miss Yvonne, and she outdrank us all.”

“Wow. Our boss sure is worthy of being our boss. This time, he avenged us!”

A few bodyguards started chattering among themselves the second Jack was out of earshot.

“Wow… Sharing a meal with two beautiful women. When will I get such treatment?” Harvey sighed as he walked forward.

“You? Your next life, perhaps!” Kyle replied before bursting into a fit of giggles.

“Wow, you’re incredible. Not a single sweat from your body after carrying her for such a long distance. You don’t even seem tired!” Tanya exclaimed as she watched Jack place Yvonne on the bed before taking off her shoes.

“This weight is nothing to actual powerhouses. Would you believe me if I tell you that even with two Yvonnes on my back, I wouldn’t even break a sweat?” Jack spoke with a calm smile.

He did not expect Tanya would roll her eyes at him. “You sure are greedy,” she muttered. “Having one beautiful woman on your back isn’t enough for you, and you want two instead?”

Jack was speechless.

“Alright, now. It’s getting late, and I need to head home.” Jack was about to turn around and leave after taking a look at his watch.

“Hey, no way. You’d leave just like that? Won’t you carry her into the washroom to bathe her since the weather was so hot? I can’t possibly move her, you know!” Tanya called out to him just as he took a few steps forward.

Jack was exasperated once more. “I’m a man, alright?” he spoke in agitation. “If you can’t move her, you can have a few of your maids to move her for you, you know?”

“I was just messing with you. You should see how terrified you looked.”

Tanya then rolled her eyes at Jack before adding, “You’re no fun! If you were any other men, they’d drool over themselves after hearing that.”

Jack was stunned for a second before shaking his head. He turned around and walked downstairs.

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