No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0426

Jack drove his car and soon reached home.

“You’re back so late, and you stink of alcohol. How much did you drink with Tanya?” Selena had already taken her bath. She was lying on the bed while fiddling with her phone.

She placed her phone away and got up from the bed when she saw Jack return.

“I don’t even want to talk about it. That Yvonne, Tanya’s cousin, is an alcohol fiend. She forced me to drink with her.” Jack laughed drily. He dug through his closet for his pajamas and prepared to go to bed.

Selena went behind him and sniffed. “That can’t be. Why do I smell perfume on your body? Didn’t you say that you weren’t together with that rich lady? Didn’t you say that the rich lady is a Goddess of War and your friend?” Selena rambled. “Hmph! I think that you didn’t go drink with Miss Drake, but instead went to look for that rich lady!”

Jack was rather surprised at how Selena’s nose was sensitive enough to discern the scent of perfume on him.

He bitterly laughed before replying, “Don’t worry, Selena. Your husband is a righteous and moral man. Do I look like someone who’d rely on a rich lady for money?”

Selena tilted her head and pouted. “I can’t say for sure… You’re quite handsome, and you do have the potential,” she replied coldly.

Jack was not angry when he heard that. Instead, a warm feeling spread throughout his being. He took a step forward and wound his arms around Selena’s waist. “Are you jealous, Honey? I didn’t expect that you’d care for me so much!”

“In your dreams. I don’t care for you at all!” Selena struggled out of Jack’s arms and took two steps backward. “Let me make this clear, Jack White., I won’t blame you if you could get other women to fall in love with you, but if you become some woman’s boy toy just for money, I’ll be the first one to spit in your face.”

“Is there a difference?” Jack was confused.

Selena lifted a chin and crossed her arms. “Of course there’s a difference. In the former situation, my husband is a capable and charming man deserving love from other women. In the latter situation, my husband is a useless bum who can’t support his family without being some rich woman’s boy toy!”

“Don’t worry, I’m definitely not some rich woman’s boy toy,” Jack said with a dry smile. “Didn’t I say earlier that Yvonne Drake wanted to find someone to drink with her? She was drunk and couldn’t move, and I had no choice but to carry her on my back. That’s why I have perfume on my back!”

He shrugged and threw up his hands. “I’m telling you the truth anyway. If you don’t believe me, you can ask Miss Drake!”

“Alright, I know. Go and take your shower. You still have work tomorrow morning.” Selena smiled and pushed Jack toward the bathroom.

“How about you come with me, Honey? I’d like some company!” Jack could not help but tease the beautiful woman in front of him.

“I’ve already taken my shower!” Selena rolled her eyes. “You’re not handsome, but your thoughts are wild!”

“Well, didn’t you say that I have the potential to be some rich woman’s boy toy? Why am I not handsome now?”

“Maybe you’ve found yourself a blind rich woman!” Selena rolled her eyes again, though she felt warmth in her heart in this. She suddenly realized that she was falling deeper in love with that man. He merely returned a few hours later than before, and she was already worrying about him. If that had happened in the past, she would have gone to bed first.

The next morning, Yvonne sat up and stretched after she woke up. Her arms then froze in the air as she bore the look of utter confusion.


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