No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0427

Yvonne lowered her head to look at her body and noticed she was wearing spaghetti strap pajamas.

Yvonne sucked in a mouthful of cold air. “Oh my god… That can’t be. How did I get home last night? Who bathed me and put on clothes for me?”

She deduced that Tanya was not the one to have carried her home, and she gradually became frightened. “Don’t tell me it’s Jack.”

Coincidentally, Tanya opened the door to her room and walked in at that moment.

“Oh, you’re awake? I thought that you’d still be sleeping. I didn’t expect that you could lose to Jack White in drinking.” Tanya was rather surprised when she saw Yvonne sitting upright.

“Tanya, how…did I get back here last night? Did Jack White carry me here? Did we take a cab?” Yvonne came to her senses when she saw Tanya entering the room. Her questions gushed out before she could even clear her thoughts.

“It’s very near, so we didn’t take a cab,” Tanya spoke before chuckling lightly. “You were too drunk, so I asked Jack to carry you on his back,” Tanya added.

“What? Are you saying I was sprawled on his back?”

Yvonne was at a loss of words; guilt and shame overrode her senses. Most importantly, she was scantily dressed the night before, and she did not know if that guy did anything unpleasant to her while carrying her drunk self. She could not remember anything at all.

“You don’t say? Don’t tell me that you’re still muddled by the alcohol? How else would he be able to carry you if not that you’re sprawled on his back?” Tanya laughed when she saw Yvonne’s confused face.

“Then… Who changed my clothes? Don’t tell me that it’s him, too?” Yvonne looked miserable. “That guy… Don’t tell me he did something to me while I was dead drunk!”

Tanya was flabbergasted. “Don’t worry, he’s not that type of person. You were totally wiped out, and that’s why we didn’t put you in the bath. I got the servants to change you into pajamas.”

She sat down next to Yvonne on the bed, giggling. “Let me tell you, Yvonne. Jack was so embarrassed when I asked him to carry you back last night. He didn’t agree to it at first, too! We bumped into Harvey along the way,” Tanya spoke before giggles escaped her lips. “You should’ve seen how red his face was!”

“What’s he embarrassed about? That guy took advantage of me! I should be the one embarrassed, now that Harvey saw me in that state!” Yvonne was blushing intensely. “That guy knows that I’m a girl, yet he doesn’t show me any mercy when drinking.”

“Ahem! Sister Yvonne, you’re the one who forced him into a drinking contest last night. Don’t you remember how cocky you were last night?” Tanya laughed drily.

“Whatever. I’m going to take a bath. Really, that freak! How does he have such a large capacity for alcohol?” Yvonne stepped angrily into the bathroom.

Later on, Jack gave Tanya a call and told her he had some business to attend to. He would not be going to the Drake family home that day. He lazed in his house until about noon when he decided that he ought to keep a low profile. Then, he took a cab to Carefree Villa.

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