No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0428

Carefree Villa was a place only the wealthy could afford. The villa boasted an excellent view and tranquil surroundings. The buildings were built inspired by buildings of old. One would feel as though they were transported back in time the moment they stepped inside. Under normal circumstances, the minimum spending there would be 10 thousand dollars per person. To reserve the entire villa would cost at least 5 million a day.

However, things were different today. The owner waived all minimum spending requirements and prepared many fine dishes and liquor for everyone. He also set up a temporary stage and hired several singers for entertainment. The person who had reserved the entire villa was someone of great importance. He was Magnus Sutherland, a King of War with an illustrious battle record.

One had to know that the King of War was only lesser to the Supreme Warrior. Moreover, Magnus was a Seven-Star King of War. There were many Kings of War, but each King of War was different. They were ranked according to their individual abilities, their performance on the battlefield, and their contributions to the country. There were only two officer ranks: Marshal and Major. The divisions of the Kings of War were more ambiguous, though they could be approximately graded from one star to nine stars. The more stars to a King of War’s rank, the more powerful they were and the bigger their contribution to the country. It could also describe their career in the military.

Magnus Sutherland was a seven-star King of War and was evidently an influential figure. That was why the owner of Carefree Villa wanted to get on his good side. However, the owner felt rather anxious that he had no clue as to how many guests would be joining him. He would rather have the chefs over-prepare the food; he could have the chefs cook on the spot should there be not enough food. Even if there were less attendees, he would not mind splurging for this event either.

“Sixty tables’ worth of food is too much, Master! They’re all main courses, too. This is too wasteful!” One of the chefs was worried that most of the food would go to waste. After all, a chef would not want to see his effort go to waste.

“Don’t worry; that should be about right. There won’t be too much wastage, either. This is seven-star King of War Magnus Sutherland we’re talking about. We shouldn’t skimp on his event. Do you think that a seven-star King of War won’t have many guests? You’ll have all those Head Commanders and assistant commanders here, eager to please him.”

“Based on his party theme ‘Reminiscing the Memories of Battle’, many wealthy merchants and politicians would be fighting for a spot in the event.”

“I’m sure all those second-class and third-class aristocratic families want in on this!”

The owner of Carefree Villa grinned. “I didn’t expect a Seven-Star King of War would host a party at Carefree Villa. This is the best opportunity for me to butter up to him. If I don’t charge him a single cent, it means that he’ll owe us a debt of gratitude. Understand?”

“Hmm, I wonder how’s this King of War Magnus Sutherland is like? I wonder if he’s as street-wise as you think,” the chef asked out of curiosity.

“Of course he is!” The owner smiled calmly. “Remember, though, that this is just between you and me. You better not mention any of this once you exit this room. He likes to collect antiques and other valuable items, though he doesn’t care about money that much. After all, he’s a seven-star King of War. The country must be giving him tens of billions as a reward whenever he returns from battle.”

Master Miller paused for a while before he continued, “What’s more, he’s fond of beautiful women. Not many people know about this, and I only heard it through a marshal.”

“So that’s how he is!”

The chef nodded. “If you know what he likes, then you should be able to customize the event to suit his tastes, Master Miller.”

“That’s true, though this Magnus Sutherland hides that side of him quite well…”

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