No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0429

Master Miller nodded and looked at his watch. “Alright, it’s almost time. Go inform the other chefs that we’ll have to serve up all the dishes by 12 sharp. There can’t be any mistakes, understand?”

Master Miller then straightened his shirt collar and went outside. “I’ll go outside and take a look. There should be many guests outside. I ought to go and introduce myself to them.”

At this moment, Jack arrived alone at the entrance of Carefree Villa.

“Greetings, Sir. How may I help you?” A hostess stepped up to Jack and displayed a courteous smile on her face.

“I…” Jack was momentarily silent as he racked his brain for a reply. After a while, he continued, “I’m here to participate in the veterans’ gathering. ‘Reminiscing the Memories of Battle’!”

The hostess grinned. “I know that you’re here for the gathering, Sir. I’d like to know your status and rank. Let me process the registration for you, and our master has prepared a commemorative badge for everyone in the event. You can pin the badge on your clothes!”

Jack thought for a while before he replied, “I’m just a normal soldier. Since the King of War is hosting a gathering, I’m just here to meet up with some friends and chat over a drink!”

The smile on the hostess’s face faded a little when she heard that he was a mere soldier.

“Oh.” She mumbled a reply before walking away, only to return with a badge made of bronze. “This is the commemorative badge for you, Sir, and you may put it on yourself. Thank you for visiting Carefree Villa. We hope that you have a great time here.”

“Alright!” Jack smiled at the hostess before walking away, prepared to don the badge.

At the same time, a short-haired woman with straight bangs walked toward the entrance. She bore an unyielding demeanor, and one could tell at first glance that she was a veteran.

“Greetings, Madam…” The hostess went to greet her and gave her the same introductory speech.

The woman smiled after the hostess was done speaking. “I’m just a Head Commander. Do I have to register my name?”

“Oh, there’s no need. Here’s your commemorative badge. Welcome to the gathering. Here, let me put it on for you. You have such a great physique! I’m envious!”

The hostess smiled as she helped the woman put on the badge. Jack looked at the woman’s badge, then at his own. He furrowed his brows.

The badge was only as big as his thumb. On it was written ‘Reminiscing the Memories of Battle’, and below it was ‘Carefree Villa’ in a smaller font.

Jack thought that it was rather considerate for the venue to sponsor those commemorative badges. It was a nice memento of the event, and they could advertise themselves at the same time. However, he soon noticed that the woman’s badge was made of a different material than his. His badge was made of bronze, while the female Head Commander’s badge was made of silver. Jack was not too happy he was treated differently.

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