No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0431

“Hmmm! Thank you for your care!” Magnus nodded and pinned the badge on his chest.

Jack looked over from afar and his eyes were blinded by the sun’s rays that reflected off the badge. He soon realized that the badge was of high quality, as the bottom part of the badge was made of white gold and some diamonds embedded on the top part of the badge.

Jack was speechless as he lowered his head and looked at the bronze badge he wore on his chest. It was such a big difference.

The crowd walked in after they finished speaking.

“King of War Sutherland, hold on. They are?” One of the ushers immediately frowned. After all, their boss had instructed them to prepare the different badges with hopes that it would be easier for them to identify the ranks of the people in the army. With the badges, they would not mistakenly offend those they should not offend.

However, these people had yet to introduce themselves.

“Why? This is my guest, my god-brother’s son. Can’t I bring him in with me?” Magnus turned around and said coldly.

“No-no… I was just asking as it was unclear to me if he was a marshal or a King of War. After all, our boss had instructed that everybody who enters would need to put on a commemorative badge.”

“And these bodyguards…” the usher was surprised as she explained herself.

“Just give them some badges. Treat them as normal comrades and give them some commemorative badges, alright?” Obviously, Magnus did not notice the differences between the badges. He merely thought there were several designs.

“Okay!” The usher immediately brought some bronze badges over. She then walked forward with other ushers, putting them on for a rich second generation along with his bodyguards.

However, when the pretty usher was putting on the badge for the chubby rich second generation, he smiled crookedly and touched her hand. The usher was surprised and immediately moved away after putting on the badge for him.

Out of everybody’s expectations, that guy frowned and said, “This isn’t right. Why does Uncle Sutherland’s badge have diamonds on it and ours don’t?”

“Yes, ours are also ugly!” Quite a number of the bodyguards also noticed this.

“Sir, we have several types of badges. King of War Sutherland is a man of noble status and the most important person here today. Hence, we have prepared a special commemorative badge just for him!” At first, the usher was taken aback by the question. Luckily, though she had a good brain and was able to come up with an explanation quickly.

“your boss is too much. What important person am I? Today is just a normal gathering for us soldiers. Everybody is an important person today! It doesn’t matter if you’re a normal soldier who has sacrificed for the people and the country, or if you’re a marshal or King of War with admirable military service; we are all commoners today. We are brothers of war!” Magnus smiled, spewing pretentious words. It was obvious that he liked what the usher said. After all, who didn’t like being buttered up?

“That’s right. I had no idea that our King of War was so approachable!” The rich kid was slightly stunned. Immediately, he said loudly, “Cheer for him!”

His bodyguards and the waiters nearby started clapping enthusiastically!

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