No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0433

“King of War Sutherland, I didn’t pick on you, though. He was the one who used your name and pretended to be powerful in front of us. You didn’t scold him even though everything he said was rude and obnoxious, yet you criticize me? Tut tut, I remember that you had a good reputation when you were in the army. Everybody said that you were a nice and easy-going King of War who knew right from wrong. I wouldn’t have expected this change in you since you’ve just returned not long ago.”

“Or is it possible that the soldiers’ rumors were untrue?” Jack laughed. He originally had a good impression of this King of War. Now, it just looked like he either did a good job of concealing his true nature, or he had been corrupted after returning from the battlefield.

Magnus was speechless when he heard what Jack said. He was not a good speaker and what Jack said made sense. He was currently in a dangerous position.

“Young man, how dare you criticize our King of War? You must be looking to die!” The rich kid gritted his teeth and walked two steps forward, staring at Jack angrily.

“Someone like you would’ve been the earliest to die on the battlefield!” Jack was not afraid as he looked right into the other party’s eyes.

“I’m sorry but this is not the battlefield. Young man, don’t you know that the world is in a peaceful state right now? Don’t think for once that I’m using my uncle to bully you. Let me tell you this, even if I were alone, I can easily kill you, as I’m a member of the Xenos family! It’ll be no different from pinching an ant to its death!” The rich kid smiled coldly, still as arrogant. “And apart from that, the pretty lady said you’ve already taken your badge, so why haven’t you gone in after such a long period of time?”

“weren’t we told that lunch would start at noon? Why should I rush in? Apart from that, are there rules that forbid me from standing at the entrance for a while longer?” Jack smiled, unafraid of the arrogant guy in front of him.

Although he was angry on the inside, it was a soldiers’ gathering so he did not want to kill people here and ruin everybody’s mood.

“Alright, alright!” Magnus finally spoke again. “Quil, you’ve really made a mistake. It doesn’t matter if he’s just a normal soldier, a captain or something else, he’s here for the gathering. How could you say that to him when his attendance is for my sake? And on top of that, he fought on the battlefield and brought honor to the country. You shouldn’t have said that to him because of this, do you understand?”

Jack was smiling to himself on the inside. Magnus had been waiting for Jack to compromise. Hence, he did not say anything when Jack looked straight into Quil’s eyes and argued with him.

Who could have anticipated that Jack was an upright man who was unafraid and uncompromising? Hence, Magnus had to step up and put on a show of him being upholding justice yet being understanding. It seemed that he was a cunning old fox!

“Yes, uncle, I understand and I promise it won’t happen again!” Quil’s face darkened as he smiled in embarrassment. “Everybody, let’s go! Let’s all go in!”

He immediately walked inside after he spoke.

“Wait!” Jack was stunned. “Since you now know that you’re wrong, shouldn’t you apologize to me? Isn’t it rude for you to walk away without an apology?”


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