No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0436

Jack was silent for a moment before calming down. Smiling indifferently, he said, “Fine. After all, today is a gathering for us to celebrate our friendship as war buddies. I’ll let this go!”

When Quil heard this, the corners of his mouth twitched. This guy was speaking as if he had been badly wronged. The person who had been wronged was him; the eldest young master of the Xenos family.

Dennis also nodded. He walked in with the two majors and Jack.

After Jack and the others left, Quil, who could not hold it in anymore, said to Magnus who was by his side, “Uncle, how can we just let this go? That guy was too arrogant. He doesn’t respect you and even said ‘so what’ if you’re a seven-star King of War? He spoke as if he’s a God of War!”

“it’s fine. This guy is just a normal soldier. I’m a King of War, it would’ve been petty of me if I insisted on being calculative! And apart from that, you said yourself that you’re the young master of the Xenos family. Can’t you handle him?” Magnus laughed, his words filled with hints. It would be inconvenient to do so now, but they could always teach that guy a lesson later on.

Quil nodded, “That’s nothing. However, Dennis Howard hit me just now and I can’t let that go. He was also disrespectful to you!”

Unexpectedly, Magnus was silent for some time before saying, “It’s best if you don’t provoke Dennis Howard. Although he’s only a marshal, he’s really strong and has sacrificed a lot for the country. He almost became a King of War! It was only because of the limited space that he didn’t!”

Quil nodded after he heard this. “You’ve spoken about Dennis Howard before and I know about it. However, I hope that you will still avenge me. After all, he hit me in front of you, I refuse to accept this.”

“That will have to wait!” Magnus’s face darkened. “Another King of War is coming today and he’s a well known six-star King of War. Dennis was his subordinate when they were in the army. Do you think he’d let it go if I did anything to Dennis today?”

“Six-star King of War? Who?” Quil took a deep breath after hearing this. Eastfield was full of talents and there were quite a few King of Wars that had returned this time.

“Quin Hayes, he’s a very powerful guy and is extremely skilled in combat. Hence, I’m doing this because of Quin, not Dennis.” Magnus smiled bitterly before walking inside with Quil and the others.

The villa was already filled with people. Gathered in groups of twos and threes, everyone was chit-chatting with one another. Many of them were excited.

“How did Magnus Sutherland meet such a rich second generation? Today is a gathering between us soldiers. Isn’t it inappropriate for him to bring such a person here?”

Dennis was still slightly unhappy when they went to sit in a pavilion under a willow tree.

“Marshal Howard, although Quil Xenos’s behavior was out of line, weren’t you disrespecting Magnus Sutherland’s honor, too? That was the son of his god-brother. If you slapped that guy, that’s the same as slapping Magnus’s face. Aren’t you afraid of him taking revenge on you?” Major Leonard was best friends with Dennis. He couldn’t help but remind him out of good intentions.

“I don’t think so? Magnus Sutherland is a King of War, a seven-star one! How could he be so intolerant! That Xenos guy was obviously the one who made a mistake!” Major Pendragon replied. “And on top of that, King of War Magnus Sutherland was highly respected when he was in the army. How could he do that to Marshal Dennis over such a small matter? Don’t all men resolve hatred with smiles?”

“that might not be the case. After all, some people like pretending to be someone they aren’t!” Jack laughed and said. “However, that’s nothing. After all, it’d be inconvenient for him to mess up the banquet he organized himself today, right?”

“That’s right!”

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