No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0437

Dennis thought about it and went to greet the King of War, “Hi, King of War Sutherland, it’s been a long time!”

“Yes, King of War Sutherland, you’re still looking so heroic!”

A number of commanders and marshals immediately came forward to greet Magnus with a smile when they saw him walk in.

“no need to be so polite. We’re not on the battlefield anymore and there aren’t that many differences in our ranks now. We are all friends and people who have won glory for this country. Let’s all enjoy the gathering! Just drink and eat to your hearts’ content!” Magnus said with a smile, seemingly easy-going.

“King of War Sutherland is so easy-going!”

“Yes, I heard that he cared for the soldiers when they were on the battlefield. Once, he carried a wounded soldier and ran over a hundred kilometers within a night just to send him to the hospital. He saved that soldier’s life!”

Many soldiers looked at Magnus in awe when they heard about what King of War Sutherland did years ago. Such a King of War was definitely worth everybody’s respect. The smile on Magnus’s face would not disappear after hearing all these words about him.

“King of War Sutherland, come, let me light this for you!” Master Miller of the Carefree Villa respectfully handed him a cigar. He then brought the lighter over and proceeded to light the cigar for Magnus.

“Hey, Master Miller, don’t be so polite. I can do that myself!” Magnus still seemed easy-going. He took the lighter from the other party and lit up his cigar.

He took a puff and his eyes lit up. “Hmmm, this is not bad. How much for a cigar?”

“Oh, it’s not expensive! This is a Cuban cigar, and it is only around one thousand dollars!” Master Miller immediately said with a smile. “If King of War Sutherland likes it, I can send a few boxes to your house later!”

“What?!” Magnus exclaimed. “You consider this not expensive? It’s really expensive, okay? A few of these could equal someone’s monthly salary! This is too extravagant and wasteful!”

“Yes, of course, you’re right!” Master Miller immediately nodded.

At this moment, a lot of people had entered and the number of people was increasing by the minute. They knew it was a soldier gathering and that it was organized by a seven-star King of War. Hence, many veterans from Eastfield were there, too. As noon approached, there were already about 400 people present at the gathering.

“Look, King of War Hayes is here, too!” somebody yelled in surprise. A huge man followed by a few people entered from the front entrance.

“King of War Quil Hayes is here. He’s a six-star King of War. Although his position is lower, his combat ability among the Kings of War is very scary!” somebody said.

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