No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0439

He thought and suggested. He felt happy about his suggestion.

“great!” Quin started laughing at the great idea.

Soon, everybody stood up to take a few photos together!

“Don’t worry. I’ll send the photos to your houses after they’ve been developed!” Xan smiled, extremely happy on the inside. Wouldn’t it be an even better marketing tactic to keep some photos for himself and have them displayed at the shop’s front door to show that even Kings of War came to his villa?

After all, not just one King of War came but two!

“Everybody, it’s almost time for the gathering to start. Let’s head into the courtyard and take a seat as food will be served soon. On top of that, I’ve specially invited a few female stars for today’s gathering. They are all famous first-class stars and they will be performing throughout the meal!” Xan said to the crowd after looking at the time.

“Let’s go, let’s go!”

“This owner is too polite. It must’ve cost a fortune to invite a few A-listers.”

“Hey, he’s rich so it’s natural if he doesn’t care about his money!” some soldiers discussed among themselves while they walked inside.

“Look at this, you’ve made it too grand,” Magnus spoke humbly but he was secretly very happy about this. After all, he was the one who organized this activity. This only served to make him look good.

“It’s late, I don’t think anybody else is coming!” Quin said while he walked inside.

Dennis looked at the entrance and said, “I’ve informed the Goddess of War and she knows about the gathering today. But it seems like she wouldn’t be here, she probably doesn’t fancy activities like these!”

“This activity has a different meaning. It’s a gathering to enjoy our relationship as soldiers. I hope she’ll come!” Quin smiled bitterly. Everybody soon entered a big courtyard.

In the courtyard, almost a hundred tables were set up. Some people had already taken their seats. There was a stage set up in the middle, obviously for the artists’ performance that was to take place during the meal.

“Go tell the artists that they can start singing once they’re ready!” Master Miller quickly spoke to the subordinate beside him who immediately ran inside.

Moments later, a female artist walked out with a smile. She started singing after a short self-introduction.

“Isn’t this the famous female artist, Blake Knight?”

“Yes, her figure and temperament are really good!” Some of the soldiers were surprised when they saw the female artist.

“Blake Knight?” Magnus’s eyes lit up when he saw her. “I had no idea that Master Miller was able to invite such a well-known artist over! Blake Knight is my idol. She has a nice temperament and great body, which is really rare!”

“though these stars are famous, it’s actually relatively easy to invite them over to sing. After all, money rules the world. As long as you pay them enough, anything can be done,” Xan said with a smile on his face.

It seemed that Magnus was very satisfied with the star he invited this time.

“Really? They can do anything as long as there’s payment?” Magnus’s eyes lit up as he checked his surroundings before asking in a lowered voice.

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