No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0441

Jack’s face darkened. “I’m just a normal soldier and this is a gathering between soldiers. There’s no difference between us. So what if I pour the wine?”

Dennis was speechless when Jack said this. He could only loosen his grip on the wine bottle and watch as Jack proceeded to pour wine into the glasses of those around him. Everybody was very polite, standing up and slightly bowing as Jack poured them wine.

“Come, I’d like to propose a toast to everybody. We’re all brothers that have sacrificed our lives for Daxia, so now we should enjoy ourselves and drink to our hearts’ content!” Jack smiled indifferently and raised the glass of wine in his hands.

“That’s right. We’re no different so let’s drink to our hearts’ content!” one of the head commanders said.

Everybody at the table proceeded to gulp down their glasses of wine. At the gathering, everybody was enjoying the lively atmosphere. Together with the fact that there were pretty female artists singing on stage, everybody was very happy. Of course, many people ran over to Quin and Magnus’s table for countless toasts. People like them were naturally good at drinking, so they accepted every toast.

After a while, another pretty female artist went on the stage again. She had a sexy figure and she donned a black dress that showed most of her thighs.

“Oh my god, it’s Tianna Scott. She’s amazing! He actually got Tianna to come!”

“Yes, that’s my goddess!”

Many soldiers were excited when they saw Tianna on stage.

Some were already singing along with Tianna.

“Tianna Scott?” Magnus gulped when he saw who it was. He then placed a hand on Master Miller’s shoulder and said softly, “Tianna Scott is a sexy goddess. It would be amazing if I could have a chat with her!”

“Don’t worry, I’ll arrange it!” Xan immediately nodded. While others may not have understood what Magnus’s words meant, he understood it clearly. Magnus Sutherland wanted to get both!

He never would have thought that Magnus would still be so greedy when he was already more than 40 years old.

After a while, most of the soldiers had finished their food and the performances on the stage had finally ended. Some of them were tipsy from all the drinking and were about to leave. Xan sensed that the timing was almost right. He briefly spoke to Magnus and left, walking towards the room at the back. After a while, both Blake and Tianna were escorted to the master of the Carefree Villa by the servants.

“Master Miller, anything we can help you with?” Tianna smiled and asked.

Master Miller looked at the two pretty ladies before saying, “I will not beat around the bush. Today’s event was quite special as there were quite a few VIPs. Both of you would’ve seen that there were many marshals and even two Kings of War. On top of that, these two Kings of War were the most powerful ones of them all!”

“Yes, we worship them. If they hadn’t defeated our enemies on the battlefield, how would it be possible for us to have peaceful days now?” Blake immediately replied. It was clear she worshipped them from her heart.

“Really? That’s great!” Master Miller was happy when he heard this. He continued, “It so happens that the person in charge, the seven-star King of War Magnus Sutherland, wants to meet with both of you.”

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