No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0442

“The seven-star King of War Magnus Sutherland wants to meet us?” Both the pretty women were flattered when they heard it.

Though they were famous celebrities, they were nothing to the wealthy. To the powerful Kings of War, they were less than that.

“Yes, especially Miss Blake. King of War Sutherland is a fan of yours! He mentioned earlier that he likes your singing!”

Master Miller thought about it and finally hinted, “I hope the both of you won’t refuse this meeting!”

When Blake sensed the slight seriousness in Master Miller’s voice, she knew this meeting was not going to be that simple.

She thought about it and said, “Master Miller, how dare we refuse when the King of War himself has requested to meet us? However, I’m curious as to why he wants to meet us. Is there anything else?”

Master Miller smiled before saying, “Miss Knight, you’re really smart. Of course, it won’t be a simple meet-up. I hope the both of you can keep King of War Sutherland good company tonight. Don’t you worry, I won’t treat you both badly. Making the King of War happy will be beneficial for the both of us!”

Master Miller paused for a moment before continuing. “Each of you will receive five million for singing today. If you serve King of War Sutherland well for an hour, I’ll give you fifty million each. How does that sound? It’s easy money, right?”

Initially, Tianna was quite happy. After all, it would be good for their careers if a powerful person wanted to meet them. She had no idea that Master Miller had other intentions until after the discussion.

Her face darkened and she said, “Master Miller, what are you trying to say? Are you treating us like prostitutes? We’re celebrities—we sing and we sacrifice ourselves for art. Why don’t you find someone else instead of asking us to do this?”

Blake stood up and said with a cold expression, “Master Miller, I originally looked up to you as you were connected with so many powerful people. I never would’ve thought that you’d ask us to accompany a man just to please a King of War!”

“That’s right. If you want us to accompany him for some drinks and some chit-chat, we’d be happy to!”

“But if you want us to have sex with him, you’ve got the wrong people! I’m not that kind of woman!” Tianna’s chest heaved in anger as she refused Xan’s offer.

Xan expected these girls to accept his offer. He did not think that they would refuse without giving it much thought.

“Can you both stop getting worked up and discuss this? I know, both of you feel that fifty million isn’t enough. How about seventy million, then? This is an extremely generous offer. I know other famous celebrities who would agree to just ten or twenty million!” Xan smiled indifferently. He believed that these two were just trying to raise their prices.

“Master Miller, do you think this is about money? This is about our principles. We sell our art, not our bodies!” Blake turned around and walked out with a cold face. “Goodbye, Master Miller!”

“Goodbye!” Tianna saluted him before following after Blake.

Clap clap—! Xan’s face darkened. He immediately clapped his hands.

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