No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0443

Some men rushed in, immediately closing the door behind them.

“Under normal circumstances, I wouldn’t have resorted to this. However, you don’t have a choice today!”

“I’ll definitely be paying you, and seventy million is considered a sky-high price! You both can stop acting so innocent. Each celebrity has a price. What nonsense is this, selling art but not your body?!” Xan smiled coldly. “I don’t believe either of you could’ve achieved your current status without having slept with anyone. I’m already honoring you by paying you such a huge amount of money!”

“Master Miller, you want us to do something like this under broad daylight? If word gets out, don’t you think it would ruin your reputation?” Blake was so frightened that her face turned pale. Nevertheless, she still gritted her teeth and threatened Xan.

“that’s ridiculous. I’m a man, why should I be afraid? How about the reputation of you two celebrities? Aren’t your reputations much more important than mine?” Master Miller laughed, looking at them viciously. “I don’t want to waste time discussing nonsense with the both of you. You have two choices now, one is to listen to me obediently, which I’ll then pay you seventy million each. This way, both of you and myself will enjoy the benefits. It will be very beneficial for your careers, especially if the King of War is happy!”

Master Miller paused for a moment before continuing. “As for the second choice, it’s very simple and it only contains one word; death! I can allow you to leave alive today, but there’s no guarantee if any accidents should befall you both tomorrow or the day after! I believe that both of you are aware of my abilities.”

Xan was already on a path that was difficult to back away from. He had no choice but to take the risks. After all, he had already promised Magnus that these two women would agree to meet him and that he would make the arrangements. Initially, he was confident because he believed in the power of money. He knew that not many women in the entertainment industry were good and pure, and he believed that money could buy their hearts. How was he to know that these two women would ignore his money? Hence, for the sake of his honor and his future, he risked everything he had.

“You…” Both women were furious. What was the difference between this and kidnapping them?

“I’ll give you three minutes to think about this. Stop pretending to be innocent! Think about it. After all, it’s seventy million and all you need to do is lay down in bed. After that, the money’s yours and you won’t have to worry about your careers!” Master Miller sat down and said. “I’ve given you both a choice, so you can’t say I’m forcing you into anything, right?”

“This isn’t forcing us?” Tianna and Blake did not think that performing today would mean walking into a trap.

Three minutes passed and they had no other choice. Being faced with the choice of 70 million or death, they could only agree to it through gritted teeth.

“congratulations girls! You’ve made a wise choice. Don’t be f*cking coy and be more energetic later, alright? And you also need to make the King of War feel like you’re doing this willingly, do you understand?” Master Miller urged as he laughed.

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