No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0444

After a few minutes of brain-washing, Master Miller stood up. “Let’s go. I’ll ask my workers to bring you both to a room near the back. You’ll wait for King of War Sutherland there. Both of you have to be nice to him, understand? This is a powerful and respected King of War! Don’t think about running because it’s impossible for you to escape. Even if you do, I have ways to find you and kill you, understand?” Xan thought and threatened the girls. He then opened the door and exited the room.

Xan and both the pretty artists walked out and headed towards the other side of the villa. It just so happened that Jack, who was still drinking, witnessed this scene.

He casually glanced over and frowned. “That’s weird, what were they discussing in that room? And why do those artists have such a bad expression on their faces?”

As Jack continued to think about it, the two pretty artists were escorted away by some servants, passing through an arched door that led into the courtyard inside. Jack thought about it and concluded that he was overthinking it before he resumed drinking.

He had just taken two swigs of his alcohol when he saw Master Miller coming out from the courtyard, returning to his seat with a big smile on his face. Master Miller pretended to drink with the others before whispering into Magnus’s ear, speaking to him in secret. Magnus smiled in satisfaction and continued to drink a few glasses of wine with everybody else.

After a few glasses of wine, Magnus was obviously drunk. He stood up and said, “I’m so sorry guys, but I’m really dizzy. I’ve drank too much today and I need to rest. All of you continue drinking, I really can’t continue accompanying you guys much longer!”

“King of War Sutherland, your drinking ability has regressed!” Quin started laughing loudly. “I remember you used to have impressive drinking skills!”

“what to do. I’m old now, I can’t deny that!” Magnus laughed and rubbed his head. “Sigh, but I really can’t go on. I’m really dizzy and my head hurts!”

“The two of you, assist King of War Sutherland and bring him to the room to rest!”

Master Miller immediately ordered two of his servants who proceeded to escort Magnus inside.

Jack was paying close attention to the situation. He immediately understood what was going on when he saw the servants guiding Magnus towards the arched door.

‘exchanging sentiments about the relationship among soldiers’? He’s actually meeting women here?’ Jack was not stupid and he soon understood what was happening.

He had no clue Magnus was such a person. He was already in a hurry to get a girl while there were still so many people drinking outside. Although Jack was unhappy about it, he also felt that this could only have happened through mutual consent. It was out of his control, so he ignored it.

He smiled as he drank two more glasses of wine with Dennis.

However, the unwilling expressions of Blake and Tianna appeared in his mind as he drank.

“Something’s not right….” Jack slapped the table and stood up. He suspected that those two girls had been threatened.

If they were doing it willingly, they would not have looked so unhappy.

“What’s wrong?” Dennis and the others looked at Jack, wondering what caused his sudden outburst.

“It’s fine, everybody continue drinking. I’ve got a stomach ache and I need to go to the toilet!” Jack smiled embarrassingly and hugged his stomach.

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