No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0445

“Oh, let’s continue drinking, then. Come on!” The rest of them resumed drinking.

Dennis drank a few mouthfuls, watching Jack as he left quickly in search for the toilet.

He thought for a moment and sensed that Jack’s earlier outburst was not normal. He stood up and chased after Jack, telling the rest that he needed the toilet as well.

“Hello, King of War Suther-Sutherland!” Both the artists were fearful and had no idea what to do.

Magnus opened the door and entered.

“Hi pretty ladies, I’m sorry for making you wait!” Magnus smiled mischievously. The seriousness on his face was gone, and instead, a snobbish look grew on his face.

He smiled and closed the door.

“King of War Suther-Sutherland, we heard you wanted to have a chat with us?” Blake gulped before saying cautiously. She took a few steps back, afraid.

“Chat? Are you kidding me? Didn’t Master Miller tell you clearly? Since both of you are here, accompany me well tonight!” Magnus smiled coldly and continued speaking. “I’m a seven-star King of War. It’s a privilege to be spotted by me, do you understand?”

“Blake, never… nevermind!” Tianna comforted Blake who was extremely afraid. If they wanted to leave now, this King of War might get angry and Master Miller would never let them go.

Although she felt disgusted seeing this King of War Sutherland, it was better than being dead.

“it seems like the both of you are still unwilling,” Magnus laughed and walked over. Holding each of their waists in each arm, he said, “But since you’re already here, you should already be mentally prepared. Or are you guys willing to offend me, a King of War?” After he finished speaking, he carried both the women and using all his strength, threw Blake and Tianna onto the bed that was beside him.

“Ah!” Both the pretty ladies yelled, turning pale with fright.

Fear grew within them, and they desperately wanted to escape.

“No! King of War Sutherland, you can’t do this!” Blake was so frightened that she wanted to run away.

Her strength was minuscule, like an ant, compared to Magnus Sutherland, a seven-star King of War.

Magnus restrained them with each hand, resting his weight on them until they were unable to move. “Do you think you’re naive celebrities? Don’t you sing and dance to entertain everybody? I have money, so don’t fail to appreciate my kindness.”

Tianna’s eyes turned red as she started to beg for forgiveness. “King of War, I’m sorry. Please let us go, we… we know what we need to do!”

“I… I know, too!” Blake bit her sexy red lip, finally giving in.

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