No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0446

Magnus was very happy when Blake started to compromise. Being two famous women, goddesses who had nice figures, many people often tried to hit on them. He did not think he would have the opportunity to bed both these women today.

He let them go once they had compromised and said, “It’s good that you understand. Now take off your clothes!”

Tianna was uncomfortable but she had no other choice. She could only start unbuttoning her clothes.

Magnus, who drank quite a bit of wine, grew even more excited looking at their delicate faces. He said impatiently, “You’re too slow! Let me help you!”

He then looked at Blake, who was by his side, and said, “You too, take your clothes off by yourself!”

“Help!” Blake gritted her teeth and screamed. She could not stop the thoughts from her heart and ran outside.

“Are you trying to die? How dare you disobey me?” Magnus did not expect this woman to be so stubborn. He immediately rushed to her and grabbed her long hair, pulling her back to him before slapping her.


Magnus was so furious that he used most of his strength to slap her. The slap was so loud that Blake almost fainted. The slap immediately left a huge palm print on Blake’s face and blood flowed out from the corners of her mouth.

Magnus stretched out his hand and grabbed Blake’s neck, lifting her with ease. “Miss Knight, did you think I wouldn’t dare to kill you? How dare you offend a King of War? Do you understand that that was a suicidal move?”

“Let-let go of me!” Blake’s face grew red as she felt a sense of imminent death. She kept struggling, trying to get a hold onto Magnus’s fingers to pry them open.

However, he was too strong and it was impossible to break free from his grip.

“King of War, King of War, she knows she was wrong. Please let her go! She knows she was wrong! We’ll definitely serve you well!” Tianna was so frightened she immediately knelt on the floor and begged Magnus for forgiveness.

After all, Blake was in the same position as her. It was only normal to sympathize with one another.

“Please, let go of me! I know I was wrong!” Blake’s face turned pale from the lack of air.

Only then did Magnus loosen his grip on her, placing her back on the ground.

“Cough cough!” Blake coughed profusely, huffing and puffing as her heart filled with despair.

“Don’t play tricks with me, take off your clothes!” Magnus yelled impatiently.

Both the pretty women looked at each other. They started unbuttoning their clothes, too afraid to disobey Magnus. Magnus’s pupils dilated in excitement.

Suddenly, the door was kicked open. Jack entered the room, a cold look on his face.

“Ah!” The two women immediately covered their chests, their faces turning pale.

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