No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0447

“Bastard, what are you doing here?!” Magnus got angry when he saw Jack. He looked at Jack and said, “This is the backyard. I’m drunk and I’m here to rest. What are you doing barging in here?

“Get out and close the door! Then I won’t hold you accountable for doing this!” Magnus threatened Jack with a cold expression on her face.

Jack closed the door but he was still standing in the room.

“You… I’m telling you to get out!” Magnus was fuming. Was there something wrong with this young man’s brain? Could he not comprehend simple words?

“King of War Sutherland seems to be in a good mood. You need two pretty ladies, who seem to be famous celebrities, to accompany you while you rest. I’ve got to say, I really admire you! However, you don’t seem drunk at all!” Jack laughed and said.

“Young man, you really are suicidal! Since you’re brave enough to disturb me, I’ll kill you right here, right now! After all, there are only a few hundred people here today and some of them have already started to leave. Once I kill you, all I need to do is ask the owner of this place to get rid of your body! The others would just assume you left after getting drunk. And besides, the death of a normal soldier like you wouldn’t raise any suspicion from anyone!” Magnus thought about it and smiled as he touched his fists.

“King of War Sutherland, you’re so good at scheming!” Jack laughed and said, “I had no clue that the previous King of War Sutherland, who loved his soldiers like his own sons, would be playing with girls this early in the morning. You even found two famous celebrities for this! And you’re willing to go as far as to kill me for discovering what you did!”

“Humph! I’m a person who loves soldiers like my sons, but those are obedient soldiers under my lead. Soldiers that go against me and are disobedient like you should die!” King of War Sutherland wanted to kill Jack at this moment. He swiftly blocked the door, blocking Jack’s escape.

As Jack assumed he would die soon, he dropped his false identity and revealed his original temperament.

“How disappointing! A person who has sacrificed so much for Daxia is actually…going to die here today…I don’t think so!” Jack heaved a heavy sigh of disappointment. This King of War who had just been discharged from military service had turned into this.

It could be because of the lack of seductions on the battlefield, or maybe he was just good at hiding his true temperament. However, these details were not important. The more important thing was that this person agitated Jack. He was more than ready to kill Magnus.

“Young man, why are you still so nosy when you know you’re not my opponent and that you’ll definitely die today?” Magnus thought Jack was talking about him. He said with a smile, “These two pretty celebrities threw themselves into my arms after learning about my great achievements. Since when did you start caring about these kinds of things, especially when there is mutual consent?”

“really? What about this palm print on Miss Blake’s face?” Jack laughed. He did not expect that Magnus would still lie under these circumstances.

“what can I do if she likes it rough?” Magnus laughed and asked Blake, “Am I right? Miss Knight, don’t you like playing like this?”

Blake’s face darkened. She was hoping to be rescued when the door was kicked open. However, she realized that the young man in front of her was only a normal soldier. How could a normal soldier fight against a powerful King of War? On top of that, Magnus was obviously going to kill this soldier who heard her call for help. How could she deny him?

She gritted her teeth and smiled embarrassingly. “That’s right, young brother. You shouldn’t be a busy-body. We’re doing this willingly. I… I love this kind of play!”

“Your expression is too fake. How can you say you like it when you’re about to cry?!” Jack was speechless. Did they really think he was an idiot?

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