No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0449

Jack stepped forward, seizing the opportunity to attack. He moved swiftly, appearing in front of Magnus and attacking him with a fast punch.

“What?!” Magnus was startled. Jack was too quick. He was not ready to use his boxing set and could only hold his fists up to meet Jack’s attack.

The sound of the impact was very loud, and the force of the punch sent Magnus flying out.

“Ah!” Magnus held his left hand in his right. He could feel that his right hand was fractured by the punch.

“Who… who are you? I’m the King of War. If you kill me, God of War Hays won’t let this go!” Magnus was so afraid that he could only grit his teeth and threaten Jack with Ethan Hays.

“him?” Jack smiled coldly after hearing this. “I wonder how disappointed he’d be if he knew the most powerful soldier under his leadership had become such a useless bastard!

“Today, I’m here to tidy up his team!” Jack stopped explaining and rushed toward him. He raised his leg up high before bringing it down forcefully.

Magnus used his hands to block the attack but Jack’s strength was not something he could easily block. He was forced into the ground as Jack’s leg landed on his head. The corners of his mouth trickled with blood, and as he looked straight at Jack, he finally remembered something. He had seen someone use this exact move on the battlefield once. This person was none other than the mysterious and extremely powerful Supreme Warrior!

Not many people on the battlefield knew of Jack’s true appearance. On top of that, everyone addressed him as Master Supreme Warrior. Hence, his original name was forgotten since being addressed as the Supreme Warrior was the highest glory a person could have. He never thought that this guy with the name of Jack, a normal soldier that he looked down upon, was the mysterious Master Supreme Warrior!

This was the epiphany Magnus had right before his death. By then, it was too late. He fell backward, lying dead on the floor.

“He’s dead!” Blake and Tianna took deep breaths. A seven-star King of War was so easily killed by the young man in front of them?

If the man in front of them was a King of War, he couldn’t have killed another King of War so easily. And even if he was a God of War, the fight would not have been settled so easily, right?

“Since I saved you both, you have to keep everything that happened today a secret, okay? If you thought you couldn’t afford to offend this King of War, then I’m a person that you cannot afford to offend, too!” Jack looked at the body on the floor indifferently. He casually took out a cigarette and lit it.

“Don’t worry, don’t worry. Thank you, our savior, we won’t say anything to others!” Both of them were very frightened. The man in front of them was definitely not a normal soldier. How could a normal soldier defeat a King of War so easily?

They wondered if this man was another God of War. They thought about it but knew there was no God of War named Jack.

Regardless of that, they were finally rescued.

At this moment, the door opened again.

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