No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0450

The door burst open at this moment, frightening Blake and Tianna. Jack looked over at the other party but continued smoking as if he saw nothing.

Closing the door behind him, Dennis looked at the floor, surprised. He looked at both the women and said, “I had no idea Magnus Sutherland would do such a thing!”

“Yes, a person like this doesn’t deserve to be alive!” Jack nodded and continued. “I’ll make a call to Ethan and explain everything.”

“That’s not the issue!” Dennis smiled bitterly and continued. “Wouldn’t it be hard to hide your identity, then? What should we do with them?”

“We won’t say anything!”

“That’s right, that’s right… You’re the benefactor who saved us, why would we spread this news?” Blake and Tianna were frightened, thinking Dennis would kill them just to keep the secret.

“Don’t worry, I won’t kill you. After all, I rescued you! If not, wouldn’t this have been for nothing?” Jack smiled bitterly. “It’s a good thing the fight ended quickly and without much movement. Those drinking in the front courtyard couldn’t have heard anything from over there.”

Dennis was ashamed. He was lucky he followed his instincts and decided to tail Jack.

He did not expect to hear people fighting when he reached the door, and when he came in, the King of War Sutherland was already dead. Only the Supreme Warrior had such powerful strength. He instantly killed the other party before he even managed to do anything.

“But the body’s here, how do we explain this?” Dennis was speechless. “This can’t be my kill again, right? The last time I did that, some Kings of War started asking me which move I used to kill O’Neal. It was so good, it caused someone’s body to explode!”

“others need to believe it if I want you to take the kill!” Jack smiled bitterly.

He then took out his phone and called Lana. “Lana, come to the Carefree Villa. Make sure nobody’s following you and head to the inside courtyard. Come alone!”

Jack ended the call. “Now, we wait here.”

“Hey, you’re a smart one. The only person in the entire Eastfield who can take this kill is the Goddess of War herself!” Dennis laughed, secretly admiring Jack’s cleverness. He had assumed that Jack’s identity was about to be revealed because of this. He did not think Jack would come up with a solution in such a short period of time.

Blake and Tianna looked at each other, extremely stunned. This man was too good, seeing how he could get the Goddess of War, Lana Zechs, to come and substitute for him.

Jack looked at them again. Their shirts were still unbuttoned, revealing their sexy collarbone and seductive skin.

He smiled bitterly and said to them, “Hey, why don’t you ladies button up your clothes first. Before the Goddess of War arrives, can you tell me what happened today? Did the master of the Carefree Villa threaten you? You’ll need to tell the Goddess of War all the details of this incident when she arrives, okay?”

Both artists lowered their heads to look at their clothes. They blushed, having forgotten about the state of their appearances due to the shock from the incident. After straightening up their clothes, they told Jack and Dennis what Master Miller had done to them.

“Xan actually did something like this for the sake of his business! It’s disgusting!” Dennis was extremely angry. “I’d really like to bring him over and kill him right now!”

“Don’t!” Jack immediately stopped him. “We do need to kill him, but it has to be done by Lana.”

Dennis was enlightened after hearing this. “You’re so smart, why am I so stupid?”

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