No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0452

Master Miller had already felt that something was wrong. It was weird that the Goddess of War walked inside after she asked everyone to continue drinking without another word after she arrived.

“Was it possible that the matter was exposed?” She quickly thought of this possibility inwardly. If the matter was not exposed, why would the Goddess of War walk toward that place?

The others did not dare to offend Magnus but the Goddess of War was different. Magnus was nothing in front of the Goddess of War, there might even be a possibility where she kills him if she was unhappy. After all, God of War Ethan Hays would not blame the Goddess of War Lana Zechs if he knew of the exact situation. He thought of these and had a complicated feeling inwardly. He was about to follow and stop her.

“Hey, Master Miller, what’re you doing? Didn’t you hear the Goddess of War? She asked us to continue drinking!” Xan had no idea that God of War Hayes would pull him back and said, “The words of a God of War, no matter how simple, is an order. Do you want to disobey a God of War’s order?”

“That’s right. It seemed that the Goddess of War was in a hurry. She must have something to do and we only need to listen to her orders!” Another officer said.

“I-I wanted to ask what the Goddess of War wants. This is her first time here and she isn’t familiar with her way. I’m afraid that she wouldn’t find her way around here!” Master Miller quickly explained. In such a short amount of time, his forehead was already covered in sweat.

Master Miller wanted to get into King of War Sutherland’s good books so he proactively gave two female celebrities to him that he was interested in. However, little did he know that the Goddess of War would be here.

“it’s not the matter whether or not she finds it. We only have to follow what the Goddess of War said!” Quin laughed. “Although I’m also curious as to what she’s doing, I don’t dare to follow her. Who are you to even follow her?”

“Yes, you’re right. I was just anxious, alright? Thank you, God of War Hays, for your reminder. Come on everybody, let’s continue drinking!” Master Miller smiled in embarrassment. He wiped the cold sweat before continuing to drink with the others.

However, the current wine was tasteless when he drank it as he was fearful.

“Jack! Brother!!” Lana could not help but yelled when she reached the back of the courtyard. She wanted to address him as master but she remembered Jack’s reminder to not expose his true personality hence she only addressed him as brother.

One of the room doors opened, Dennis waved at Lana and she walked in. Soon, Lana knew everything and she also knew about Jack’s plans.

“I’ve felt since long ago that this Magnus Sutherland was weird. He gave out the feeling that he was not who he portrayed to be on the outside. I had no idea that he was someone like this.”

“This Master Miller is also a bad person. How could he bully and seduce others with money just to please Magnus? Luckily big brother Jack discovered that something was wrong and followed them here!” After Lana spoke angrily, she looked at Jack. “I thought you asked me here for drinks. I had no idea that you wanted me to cover for you!”

Jack smiled in embarrassment. “Cover this for me first. There’s plenty of time for us to drink in the future. By the way, you can come over for drinks at the Old Master Taylor’s birthday. It’s only ten days away from his seventieth birthday celebration! I’ll have a few drinks with you then.”

Lana immediately rolled her eyes at Jack. “How could a few drinks be enough? We need at least a few bottles, right? Or you’re just looking down on my drinking abilities?”

Soon, intense fighting sounds came from inside, accompanied by the noise of various furniture being destroyed.

“What’s happening in the courtyard? Why did they start fighting?”

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