No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0453

Quin and the others immediately stood up after hearing the sound coming from the courtyard.

“It’s over!” Xan took in a breath inwardly. They started fighting. The King of War and the Goddess of War had started fighting. The King of War is definitely not her opponent. He could be done for if this matter was exposed. It was originally a good deck of cards. He had no idea how he played it wrongly.

At this moment, Jack and Dennis ran out of the room and the fight soon stopped. Soon, everybody saw Lana walking out of the room, pulling Magnus’s body out with one hand. Two extremely helpless celebrities followed behind her and it was Blake and Tianna, who performed for them just now.

“How is that possible? The King of War was killed?”

“Why? Wasn’t the 7-stars King of War drunk so he went to sleep? Why was he killed by the Goddess of War?”

“Look at the helplessness on both the celebrities’ faces. Blake has a palm print on her face and there’s blood at the corners of her mouth. Could it be?” The soldiers started discussing amongst themselves and had their own guesses.

Lana walked over and threw Magnus’s body on the ground. She looked at Blake and the others before saying, “Both of you, spill everything in detail! There’s another person here who should die!”

Xan’s legs turned wobbly when he heard this then directly collapsed to the ground.

“Master, what’s wrong with you?” One after another, the servants who had no idea what happened walked forward and wanted to pull him up.

The waste was the current Xan had become a pile of mud and could not be pulled up.

“there are some people who are aware of what they’ve done!” Lana looked at Master Miller coldly and said.

“It-It’s Master Miller. In order to get into Magnus’s good books, he actually threatened us and asked us to sleep with him! In the beginning, he promised us fifty million and we refused. We still refused when he promised us seventy million. He threatened us and said that he would kill us if we don’t agree to it. We had no other way but to follow him. Of course, Magnus Sutherland acted drunk and came over soon. Then, he wanted to take advantage of us and hit us when we refused…” Tianna started crying again when she thought about it.

Blake continued, “Luckily brother Jack and Marshal Dennis heard movements over here when they went to the toilet and called the Goddess of War. The Goddess of War rushed over in time, rescued us, and killed this guy!”

“Luckily I was eating nearby and I could come over in a short amount of time. If not, both of them would have been taken advantage of by Magnus Sutherland!” Lana also added angrily.

“How…how is that possible? My uncle is not someone like that. He…he was the King of War! He loved his soldiers like his sons and he had a good reputation!” Quil was startled when he saw that Magnus was dead and he still wanted to speak on behalf of Magnus.

However, his voice got softer as he spoke because he was not confident about what he was saying. He knew clearly what a hypocrite his uncle was.

“He was a King of War? You want to use him to suppress me? I’m the Goddess of War!” Lana stared at Quil, causing him to move back several steps before saying, “Could what I, the Goddess of War, saw with my own eyes, be fake?”

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