No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0456

”Didn’t you have a few bodyguards with you? It should have been easy to settle that guy if he wasn’t even a commander.” Master Xenos thought about it and said.

“Previously, two of my bodyguards fought with that guy because of some small issues and they couldn’t even rival him. They flew out just from a single punch from that guy! I think this guy has the same combat skills as some assistant commanders or head commanders. Hence, I don’t think that I can win even if all the bodyguards I brought over attacked him at the same time!” Quil paused and continued “Apart from that, this guy seems to have some medical skills and had rescued Dennis before this. It’s best if we can kill him in one blow as we can’t afford to let him run away. If not, he would get vigilant and it would be even harder to kill him!”

After he spoke, he remembered something and said, “Oh yes, it’s Old Master Taylor’s birthday ten days later. The Goddess of War praised Jack because of this and said that she would attend the dinner. So, I cannot do anything to Jack before this! If not, it would be dishonoring the Goddess of War and she would definitely be angry!”

“Then let’s wait till after the Old Master Taylor’s birthday party before we do anything! We don’t have to send out bodyguards or do anything. Somebody would be able to get rid of Jack!” Master Xenos smiled coldly on the other end of the phone. “I know that King of War Sutherland has an apprentice and this apprentice is a marshal who’s really close with Magnus. If he knows about how Jack caused the death of his master, he would definitely go after Jack and avenge his master!”

“That’s great! Where’s he at? I’ll immediately contact him!” Quil was ecstatic. It was really simple for a powerful marshal to kill a normal soldier.

“He’s in Lone City so you’ll need to go there personally. I’ll send his phone number and address to you later! Remember, you have to act after the Old Master Taylor’s birthday party. It would raise suspicion if you do anything before that as your Uncle Sutherland had just died and your bodyguard had a fight with Jack!” Master Xenos reminded Quil before ending the call.

At this moment, Jack had already reached home and was resting on his bed, preparing his energy for the fight that night. Not long after that, the incident where King of War Magnus Sutherland was killed by the Goddess of War because he coveted the beauty of famous celebrities was known throughout the entire Eastfield.

“Oh my god, Magnus Sutherland is a 7-stars King of War and has meritorious military service. How could he be killed just like that?” James Drake was also surprised when he heard the news. This was someone they wanted to get acquainted with but did not dare to offend.

Apart from that, the Goddess of War actually killed this person, who made countless sacrifices for the country, without much reasoning.

“He offended the Goddess of War, how could he have survived it?” Spectre, one of the three major guardians in the Drake family, smiled bitterly. “It’s nothing when this Goddess of War does nothing, but once she takes action, she surprises everybody in the entire Eastfield!”

“I think that she’s done a good job! A good kill!” Tanya Drake raised her head. “Hmph, Blake is my favorite female singer. She’s never had any affairs and is always doing charity work. Shouldn’t that animal, Magnus Sutherland, be killed for wanting to get such a nice singer like her?”

“I also feel that he got what he deserved. Tianna is also a nice person and I quite like her songs. Apart from that, she once acted in a drama and her acting skills were really good! I had no idea that the master of the Carefree Villa would do something so inhumane to get into Magnus Sutherland’s good books! It’s true that these two got what they deserved!” James nodded in agreement.

Spectre kept quiet before saying. “Thankfully, it was in the daytime. Apart from that, it so happened that Jack and Dennis were about to go to the toilet when they discovered what was happening. Then, they informed the Goddess of War, Lana Zechs. If it wasn’t in the daytime, those two famous celebrities would have been viciously defiled after the veterans’ gathering ended!”

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