No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0457

“That’s right. We do not know about Jack’s true identity but he can’t just be a simple person. Would it be possible that the King of War Sutherland was killed by him?” Tanya did a bold guess after she thought about it.

“How is that possible!” Spectre directly shook her head. “That is impossible. Magnus was not a normal King of War, he was a 7-stars King of War. Even if Jack is a King of War, it would be impossible for him to kill Magnus. Apart from the God of War, other people wouldn’t be able to do it!”

James also agreed to that. “It’s impossible that he was killed by Jack as Jack’s not so powerful yet. If not, why did the Goddess of War go there? We also got the news that Jack and Dennis were outside, fighting sound could be heard from the inside. Even the door and the table were broken!”

“Sigh, I thought that he was that good!” Tanya felt what her father said made sense and was slightly disappointed.

However, she soon remembered something and said in surprise, “Oh yes, I almost forgot something. When we went for supper yesterday, we offended someone known as Brother Tempest from the Eagle Clan. Jack arranged a fight with him tonight at eight at night in the woods outside of the city and he even said that it was fine no matter how many people the other party brought over!”

“Really? That’s good, I want to go over and take a look!” Spectre’s eyes lit up after hearing this. “I heard that Jack is really good at fighting and his identity is very mysterious. I’m very interested in him and I might be able to see something if I go over and take a look!”

“really? I want to go too. However, it’s better if we observe from a distance. He cannot discover us!” Tanya thought about it, laughed, and said, “I’m afraid that he would be unhappy if he finds out about us.”

“That’s for sure. Let’s bring a telescope with us. We can go over earlier and hide!” Spectre thought about it and said.

“Prepare a few, I want to take a look too!” They had no idea that James would also be interested and he directly said this.

Time flew and the incident where the Goddess of War Lana killed the King of War Sutherland caused many powerful people to be frightened.

After Jack woke up, he washed his face and took a look at the time. It was already eight in the evening so he went to the yard and was prepared to drive out.

“Daddy, are you going out to play? Kylie wants to go with you too!” He had no idea that before he could board the car, Kylie ran over and held on to the bottom part of Jack’s pants with her little hands, her eyes were filled with expectations.

Jack’s heart turned warm when he saw the cute girl in front of him. He held her up and kissed her delicate cheeks. “Daddy has work to do. Can you play in the yard for a short while? When daddy comes back, I’ll bring you and mummy for a walk in the park, alright?”

“Okay, okay! Kylie will wait for daddy to come back! You need to come back faster!” Kylie immediately got excited.

Jack placed her on the ground and drove toward the city gates.

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