No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0463

The kitchen knife in Tiger’s hand had already fallen to the ground and he was already stunned from being frightened. The scene in front of him was unimaginable, not even in his dreams. Jack was being surrounded by so many people and he thought that Jack would definitely die. However, he saw so many figures falling down one after another. Blood flew all
across the sky.

The people from the Eagle Clan gradually decreased and soon there were only 70 to 80 people left. Brother Tempest and the bald man had a cut on their arms respectively and blood kept flowing. They had already retreated to another side. They were alive but were scared to their wits. Was the person inside even a human? His combat power was really scary.

“F*ck, is this guy one of the King of War?” The bald man swallowed his saliva and looked at the people at his side as a dozen more died again.

“Run quickly!” The bald man was thoroughly frightened. He dared not stay and wanted to escape.

A few more moves and many people fell again.

“You want to leave?” Once Jack saw that the other party wanted to run, he stepped forward and his body slightly rushed forward. He was like a leopard and he rushed more than ten meters forward. He caught up to the other party and stroked across the opponent’s neck with a backhand move.

The bald man fell and Brother Tempest was also settled by Jack with a cut.

At this moment, only around 20 people were left. Jack did not hesitate. He rushed forward and killed them one after another.

Jack looked at his watch after he threw the knife in his hand on the floor and was stunned. “It seems that talking to them wasted quite some time. This actually took me ten minutes!”

Jack settled around 300 people within ten minutes. These ten minutes even included chatting with the other party and smoking a cigarette. However, Jack still felt that he used too much time. If this was known by other people, they would be surprised to an extreme extent.

“Tiger, let’s go. What are you still standing here for? Let me send you to the ground floor of your house. I still need to go back and accompany my daughter shopping!”

Jack looked at his clothes and discovered that there was some blood on it. He directly took off his clothes and changed into new ones he got from his car.

He looked at his shoes and there was some blood under it. He rubbed it against the grass before entering the car.

“Big-big brother. You-you are too good! Am I dreaming?!” Tiger sat in the car but was still unable to process what happened. If he had not made up his mind to come over and bear everything with Jack, he would not have known that Jack was this good.

No wonder Jack was daring enough to let the other party bring as many people as they liked.

Jack directly pinched Tiger’s thigh. “Is this painful?”

“Ah, pain…pain, pain!” Tiger yelled out loudly but joy was written all over his face. “Big brother, you’re too good to be a normal soldier. It seems that they gave you quite a huge amount of retiring reward, you bought such a nice car.”

Jack smiled indifferently. “What if this is a rental?”

Soon, Jack drove his car to Tiger’s house before saying, “Don’t do deliveries tomorrow. Wait for me at home with your wife. I’ll come over to visit you as I have nothing to do tomorrow morning!”

“Okay, okay, okay!” Tiger was very excited. He quickly got down from the car and saw Jack off.

“Child, your father, he…” The eyes of Tiger’s wife were swollen from all the crying. She looked at the baby in the baby cot and as she spoke, her eyes turned fuzzy again.

At this moment, Tiger strode in. “Honey, I-I’m back! I didn’t die, haha!”

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