No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0464

”Tiger!” The woman ran over in excitement when she saw Tiger. She rushed into his arms and hugged him tightly, afraid that everything was a dream.

“Have you…you thought about it carefully? You’re not going?” Obviously, the woman thought that Tiger was reluctant to leave her and their child so he returned.

“No. F*ck me, it’s too shocking! I rushed over with a kitchen knife and a death wish. As a result, my big brother refused my help and asked me to look while standing far away! Oh my god, there were almost 300 people. My big brother waved his hand and killed 30 people. It was like seeing a ghost! Apart from that, he killed so many people in less than ten minutes. All of them! None of them survived… My big brother…he…he was like a god!” Tiger said vividly with an exaggerated expression and did not stop his hand gestures. He wanted to show Jack’s actions all over again.

His wife was already stunned. She originally thought that her husband did not go when he did. However, she had no idea that this big brother was so strong and killed so many people alone.

“Then did he get hurt? Which hospital is he in? Let’s quickly go over and visit him?” The woman wiped her tears dry. She soon thought that although he killed so many people and was very strong, he would have at least eight or ten cuts on his body.

“Hurt? Are you kidding me? Didn’t I say it? My big brother is like a god! How would he get hurt? Those people did not even touch his hair! Let me tell you, the so-called Eagle Clan might be closed down if they don’t offend my big brother and continue causing trouble for my big brother!” Tiger got more and more agitated as he spoke as if he was already that good.

“That’s good. That’s really good!” The woman jumped up in excitement. “I’m actually very worried about that big brother of yours. I’m afraid that he would die for my family. By that time, I will blame myself too. It’s so good that he’s so strong!”

Tiger held his wife’s face. “I’m sorry, wife for letting you worry together with me. Everything’s my fault. I’m useless, poor and I caused you to suffer together with me!”

“Silly, I’m not with you for your money. As long as you treat me well, we can earn money together! We can save up money and try to buy a house in this city area. My requirement is not high, I only need a two-bedroom house. That way, we can have our own place and we don’t need to move around or deal with the landlords!” The woman rolled her eyes at Tiger. She had no idea that there would be a time where the guy would speak romantically to her.

“Oh yes, Honey. My big brother asked me to not work tomorrow and he’ll come over to visit us and our son tomorrow morning!” Tiger quickly remembered it and said to the woman.

However, the woman frowned. “We’ve just paid the rent a few days ago and our wages will only be paid to us after a few days. We only have five hundred dollars with us and we need to be frugal with it. I’m afraid that we don’t have so much money to treat him well!”

Tiger also frowned and his face darkened. “We…we still need to prepare a table full of nice dishes too. How about this, our child still has sufficient milk powder and we can eat instant noodles for the next few days. We need to come up with 400 dollars to buy dishes and wine to serve my big brother well. If it wasn’t for him, we might not be able to keep our lives!”

The woman did not hesitate and directly nodded.

At this moment, Jack had already driven back home.

“Where did you go? Jack asked you to bring her to go shopping, right?” When Selena saw Jack came back, she hugged Kylie and said to Jack while rolling her eyes.

“Of course it’s true!” Jack smiled, walked forward, and took over Kylie. “Let’s go, honey. I haven’t accompanied you shopping. The moon tonight looks good. Let us take a good walk and have a chat as a family!”


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