No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0465

”You even commented on how the moonlight is. Since when did you turn into a nerd?!” Selena felt warm in her heart and she promised with a sweet smile at the corners of her mouth.

The family of three walked along the street happily.

“Honey, do you see anything you like? Let me buy it for you!” Jack asked as they walked.

“There’s nothing I have my eyes on. You bought some clothes for me when you came back and it’s good that I have enough to wear!” Selena said after she thought about it.

“Daddy, daddy, I want some toys! Can I?” Beside them, Kylie said in embarrassment.

Jack felt lamenting inwardly. Yes, he was already back for so many days but he had not bought any toys for his daughter. When the family was poor previously, she must have only looked on as the other kids played with their toys.

“Sure, what does Kylie want? Daddy will buy everything for you! As long as Kylie likes it, daddy can buy every toy available in a shop for you!” Jack laughed and joked.

“Thank you, daddy! Daddy, I only want to buy a Barbie doll and a small yellow duck!” Kylie was extremely excited and her face was filled with joy.

“Oh my, my daughter is so understanding. She actually knows how to save money for her daddy!” Jack was quite happy with Kylie’s answer.

“I’m already satisfied. Before this, I could only look at them. Now, I can own two toys that I like in one go and that’s really good!” Kylie said with a smile.

The three of them walked and reached a shop filled with plenty of toys.

“That’s great, a Barbie doll! I want this Barbie doll!” Kylie directly ran over, took one, and hugged it in her arms.

Jack had complicated feelings when he saw his daughter’s happy look. This was his first time buying a toy for her.

“Yellow duck! Daddy, there’s one there!” Kylie soon saw a little yellow duck and she ran over.

However, there was only one of it and it was placed quite high, Kylie could not reach it even when she was on the tip of her toes.

Jack smiled as he stretched his hand to take it.

“Mummy, I want it. I also want the little yellow duck!” At this moment, a young boy was acting coquettishly to a woman.

Jack had already taken the little yellow duck in his hands and passed it to Kylie. “Kylie, come!”

Kylie had just received the yellow duck when the woman walked two steps forward and snatched it over. “We’re buying this toy!”

“You’re buying it?” Jack’s face darkened when he heard it. “I’ve already taken it and passed it to my daughter. How can you buy it?”

“You haven’t paid, right?” The woman smiled coldly. She hugged her hands in front of her chest and said with an arrogant expression, “My son has his eyes on it. You can go search for it at other shops. There’s none here!”

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