No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0466

Helpless, Kylie fought back her tears. She could only look at the little yellow toy duck with eager eyes. The woman handed her son the little yellow duck. The son felt triumphant and humored at the fact he had mugged Kylie.

“The toy was in our hands first, and you snatched it from us,” Jack sneered. “Why should we be the ones who should ‘get it somewhere else’?”

“That’s right. You’re so ill-mannered! Don’t you understand the meaning of ‘first come, first served’?” Selena was just as angry as she reprimanded the woman.

“I don’t care. It’s in MY hands now, so it’s mine. Besides, you haven’t paid for it!” that woman exclaimed arrogantly.

What happened next made the woman stunned silent.

Jack extended his hands and seized the little yellow toy duck. “Oh, in that case, it’s mine now!”

“You…” She pointed at Jack’s nose.

“Well, this isn’t yours because you haven’t paid for this.” A tooth for a tooth, Jack gave the woman a taste of her own medicine.

“Why would you snatch a toy from a kid as an adult?!” The woman was so mad she had no other comebacks. “That’s not gentlemanly at all!”

“Wha…wha…” The little boy then bawled as Jack snatched the toy in his hands.

“Look… Look at you! An adult who snatched a toy from a kid! What a shame! And look what you did to my son?! How are you going to compensate for this?” The woman panicked as her son cried and barked at Jack incessantly.

The saleswoman on the side could not stand this barbaric sight anymore and finally stood up for Jack’s family. “Madam, they had their eyes on the toy first,” she spoke firmly. “I suggest you check out the toy shops nearby; they must have the same model.”

“Are you hearing yourself?” The woman’s nerves frazzled even more as more patrons surrounded them. She pointed at the saleswoman angrily and yelled, “It was in OUR hands first before this young man snatched it from my son! Besides, the ‘gentleman’ should always let the lady choose first. Should he not be ashamed of himself?”

Jack chuckled at the woman’s pitiable comeback. “I might’ve let you have the toy if you had acted nicely, but you didn’t! I don’t have to be nice to such an unreasonable and uncivilized woman.” Jack smiled then continued without restraint, “It’s only because you’re a woman that I hadn’t laid a single finger on you. Otherwise, you’d be lying on the floor right now!”

“Okay, so we both had our eyes on this toy. If that’s the case, let’s see who can pay more. The one who pays more will get the toy!” The woman realized that she had no grounds to retaliate. Even though she felt slightly guilty, she still wanted the last word.

Any other day, she would have gotten things to work her way by doing this. Others would not dare to mess with her as she was always lavishly dressed in branded goods. Who would have known that she would encounter a man like Jack, who would actually dare to go against her and fight with her publicly.

“Madam, we only sell fixed priced items here. We won’t accept any more than the fixed price, even if you’re willing to pay,” the saleswoman reminded as she bit her lips.

“Shut up!” that barbaric woman shouted at her. “I have money, and I’m willing to pay more for this! Stop yapping and just take it! Who are you to be defending the ungentlemanly man here?!”

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