No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0468

Jack burst out in laughter. “This is going to be fun!” It seemed that this woman was married to a rich businessman, and they came with bodyguards. It was no surprise she was so ill-mannered.

Nonetheless, they should consider themselves unlucky for encountering Jack.

“What are you laughing at? My bodyguards have you surrounded. You should know what’ll happen next.” the plump man sneered.

“You’re right. He’s just a kid, and so are you! An unreasonable mom, and a judgemental dad… With parents like you two, it’s no wonder why your kid acts like this,” Jack spoke nonchalantly, shrugging as he did.

“We’ve had our eyes on the toy first. Your wife was the one who took the toy out of MY daughter’s hands. You’re blinded by lies!” Selena added. Such a shameless *ss to be chasing after them for that incident.

“Hmph! I don’t care if it was my wife who took it from you, you still made Hammy cry! I won’t let you go for that! I won’t accept it even if you want to return us the toy now. Go get him, boys!” the man ordered his bodyguard to charge at Jack.

“Ha! Consider yourself unlucky for stepping on Brother Hugh’s toe!” Some of the men closed in on Jack.

Alas, the bodyguards soon found themselves dropping like flies as they wailed like a baby. In comparison to the bodyguard from the Clark’s and the Hugo’s, they were mere chicken feed.

“Darling, what…” The woman was scared sh*tless.

“Your turn, Fatty!” Jack beckoned to the portly man.

This supposedly respectable ‘Brother Hugh’ was just as scared with sweat dripping down his face. Looking at how Jack had taken down a dozen of his bodyguards in mere seconds, it was only natural he was afraid of Jack.

“That’s…too fast!” Even Selena was taken aback. She had seen Jack fight but not at such a speed. Had Jack levelled up, or did he not show her his true powers before?

“Sir… Good sir… Forgive me, I’ll back off. We don’t have to go through this for such a small matter…” The man’s voice was evidently quivering as he laughed awkwardly.

“Small? Then what was all this bodyguard about? If I wasn’t strong enough, I’m afraid that my wife and daughter would be beaten up, not just me.” Jack looked at the man like he was a joke.

“I’ll… How bout I’ll pay you money and we call this a deal? How bout that…?” The fatty suggested after giving it some thought. He thought money could be the solution to all problems.

“No, thank you!” Jack declined. “There’s one thing you can do, though. Your wife is at fault here, so go slap her three times and I’ll let you go. Otherwise, I can make sure you’ll be hospitalized for the next whole month. She, who made the mistake, should be punished!”

“Sir, I haven’t even revealed the amount, and you should consider… I’ll give you twenty thousand! Twenty thousand should be enough as compensation!”

The fatty thought Jack declined the offer at first because he had not disclosed the amount of compensation. Jack could have thought it was only a couple hundred dollars. Twenty thousand should be enough for Jack to let them go for such a small altercation.

“It’s not about the money!” Jack icily responded. He paced toward the fatty. “Option one: I beat you up. Option two: You slap your wife. Hard enough so I can hear the sound! If I can’t hear it, slap again until I hear it.”

The fatty turned around and looked at the woman behind him. He hesitated for a while…

“I dare you!”

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