No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0470

With that, Selena’s petite face and ears were entirely flushed. She knew very well Kylie asked purely out of innocence, which made it much harder to answer her.

She was even more startled when Jack smiled and replied, “Alright, alright, don’t you worry. I promise you’ll have a younger sister or brother. Mom and Dad will have a few babies so you’ll have a few siblings to play with.”

Selena was so embarrassed that she pinched Jack’s back.

“Ah!” Jack’s yelp escaped him by reflex, but he quickly added, “The night is so beautiful.”

The family of three quickly arrived home. Kylie was fast asleep in bed when Jack came out of the shower. Jack returned to his mattress and got ready to hit the sack.

Just as he was getting ready, Selena turned around from the bed and looked at him. “Honey… Why don’t you sleep on the bed tonight? Consider it your reward for performing well as a father and a husband.” Selena blushed as she finished speaking.

Jack squatted happily on the floor as he heard that. Softly, he whispered, “Honey, have you…been considering to give Kylie a sibling she asked for? Great! Me too!”

Selena rolled her eyes at Jack. “Pfft! What are you talking about? I pity you for sleeping on the floor, so I’ll let you sleep on the bed tonight. Kylie won’t know about this as she’s fast asleep.”

“Just…one night? Sleeping and nothing else?” Jack was slightly disappointed as he thought he would have a chance with Selena.

“Cut it, you! Kylie is sleeping just right there, and I’m not going to risk her seeing anything. We can think about it after we’ve moved and when she has her own room. Also, I’ve told you that you have to prove yourself to Grandpa before I accept you as my husband.”

Selena tucked Kylie toward the center to make some space for Jack. “So, are you coming up or what? Otherwise, I’m going to hit the sack. Remember: I’m only letting you come up because I’m in a good mood today.”

“Of course I’m coming! I’m not a fool.” Jack climbed straight into bed beside Selena.

Selena could deny it all she wanted, but her heartbeat rate increased as soon as Jack cuddled beside her. One should consider this their first intimacy as what happened last time—when she conceived Kylie—was an accident.

They had no physical contact for five years after that. One could say she was as pure as a dove.

“Honey, so you were saying… We can’t do that because Kylie doesn’t have her own room? We should go buy a house then—a big villa,” Jack suggested after giving it a thought. “That way, we can fit the whole family and Kylie can have her own room, and we can—”

“Pervert!” Selena stared at him, then said, “Actually… I don’t feel comfortable staying with Taylor’s because I’ll have to see that bastard, Ivan, every day there. It’s a bummer. At the same time, I do wish to see Grandpa inviting us to stay with them, because that’ll mean that they’ve recognized you as a family.”

“So you don’t feel comfortable staying with the Taylor family? That’s an easy problem to solve! We can buy a villa, it’s not that expensive!” Jack proposed. “And we don’t have to wait until Grandpa invites us to stay with them; I can just fulfill those two promises they asked for. By then, it doesn’t matter if they want us to stay with them. The decision will be in our hands.”

“That’s true!”

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