No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0471

“But we don’t have money now, so we’ll have to wait for two months before buying a house,” Selena spoke, seemingly approving Jack’s idea. “You already gave 20 million as a bride-price to Ma, so you don’t have to give anything anymore. What’s left is Grandfather’s birthday gift and the ten-million compensation to Ivan. I’ve got an idea: Since you’re on excellent terms with Miss Tanya, perhaps you could ask her to give you your first month’s salary a few days earlier than the actual payday. Problem solved!”

She paused for a moment, caught up in her thoughts, before adding, “Wait till you get another month’s salary, then we’ll go and scout for villas. It’s not like we can’t stay here for now.”

“I don’t think we can stay here, though! Kylie doesn’t have a room to herself, and you definitely won’t allow me to touch you!”

Jack was firm in his decision as he spoke, “I’ll go and see if there are any suitable houses for us when I have the time. We’ll see after we’ve set our eyes on something.”

“Your job is pretty free and easy, huh?” Selena did not know whether to laugh or cry. She felt like Jack was being a rather irresponsible bodyguard, getting off work early when he had personal errands to run. There were probably no other jobs that were as easy-going as this in the world.

The couple quietly chattered among themselves. Eventually, they drifted off to sleep as the night thickened.

The next morning, Selena jolted awake and told her husband to get up, afraid that their daughter would see him on the bed. Only then did she wake Kylie up.

The two quickly set off to go about their separate routines for the day.

In the Drake family’s estate, James, Spectre, and Tanya were all utterly stupefied by last night’s events. There were 300 Eagle clanmates who came, and each of them were powerful fighters in their own right. One of them had been the Eagle Clan’s top fighter, too. His fighting prowess was comparable to that of a general, yet he had perished under Jack’s indescribable power.

They came to check on the corpses the moment Jack left. More specifically, the 30 odd ones who Jack had killed with a wave of his hand. They searched for nearly half a day, yet they found that the bodies were strewn everywhere. They had no way of telling the 30 odd men who had died first.

In the end, Spectre could only sputter a single sentence: “He probably has some sort of hidden weapon!”

Moreover, according to their deductive reasoning, it was confirmed that Jack was a God of War with his tremendous fighting prowess. If he was not one of the Nine Gods of War, then who was he? It was possible that Jack—this God of War—was ranked highly.

Tanya then came before her father.

“That jerk Jack called earlier and said he had errands to run in the morning, so he isn’t coming around. He’ll come by in the afternoon,” she muttered, dissatisfied.

“Whatever he likes. We can only please a person like this; we cannot afford to offend him!” James smiled. “Talk to him more often if you have nothing to do, understand?”

“Tanya, where’s Jack? Isn’t he coming over?” The last thing they expected was for Yvonne to come searching for Jack, clad in a sexy dress to boot.

Momentarily stunned, Tanya could not help the grin from forming on her face. “Why are you looking for him, Yvonne? Don’t tell me that his absence makes your heart grow fonder for him.”

Yvonne’s cheeks grew red. “No way! I just wanted to go out shopping with you, and I wanted to bring Jack along because I’m scared that it’ll be dangerous outside,” she protested vehemently. “Besides, wouldn’t it be a waste if we don’t get him to work even after paying him so much money?”

At this moment, a bodyguard watching over the entrance ran over. “Miss Tanya, Master, there’s a beautiful woman with over 20 bodyguards in her retinue,” he reported. “She said that she’s here for Jack White and asked if he was coming to work today!”

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