No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0473

“Alright. You’ll tell us who you are now, right?” Yvonne spoke, drawling her sentence as she did.

“Do you not recognize me? Heh. It’s Sharon, Tanya! Do you really not recognize me?”

Sharon grinned. “I asked Jack to marry me before, but he didn’t give me an answer. I was overweight then and I looked ugly, so it’s not odd that he refused me. Because of that, I decided to wait for a while before trying my luck again. There might be hope for me if I ask for his hand now!”

“Sharon!” Tanya took a sharp intake of breath. She scrubbed her eyes, suspecting that she was hallucinating. She studied Sharon closely. The woman before her and the Sharon she knew seemed like two completely different people.

However, after careful observation, she really did look like Sharon. It was no wonder Tanya felt like she looked so familiar when she saw her.

“My God. You managed to cure your disease? How many kilos did you lose? I remember seeing you just a few days ago. Didn’t you weigh around 200 then?”

Shock also jolted up Yvonne’s spine. She mentally debated with herself that the person before her was a swindler. Sharon was saying that she had asked Jack to marry her before, but he had not agreed to her. Now that she successfully lost weight and became a stunning beauty, she wanted to give it a second shot.

“I did. It’s all thanks to Jack’s work. He’s a genius of a doctor. He gave me three pills and I lost weight. It’s amazing!” she gushed. “I love him to death. He gave me life—a second chance at life!”

A slight flush colored Sharon’s face as she spoke. Her expression turned bashful. “Maybe you two think that I’m too reckless now, but I truly think Jack is the perfect man!”

“He’s not too bad as a person, Sharon, but he’s probably not as perfect as you portray him to be,” Yvonne reminded her gently, expression unreadable.

“That’s right. You’re so good-looking now, and there are so many bachelors out there for your picking. Why did you choose a bodyguard? He’s also married! Would your parents even agree to this?” Tanya was also slightly unhappy, although she herself did not know why.

“My parents? I never asked them!” Pursing her lips for a moment, she then added, “But Daddy and Mommy love me very much; they’ll definitely respect my decision. Besides, my parents seem to like Jack very much, him being such an outstanding young man. They’ve had nothing but praises for him these past two days, and they told me to speak with him more often if I had nothing to do—and to go out with him!”

Here, Sharon gave a devilish grin. “My mom even taught me that in order to win someone over, you’ll have to win their family first,” she said apologetically. “Since Jack isn’t here, I’ll come over in the afternoon to see him and go see his parents in the morning. I’ll give his wife a present. Oh, his daughter too!”

“Seriously? Your mom taught you something like that?” Yvonne’s expression grew rather dark, blatantly unhappy. She felt as though something of hers was being snatched away.

Additionally, Sharon was a young mistress of a first-class aristocratic family, yet she displayed such crude behavior. Who knew her thought-process? Jack was a pervert, yet he was so outstanding in her eyes.

“All right, I won’t bother you any longer, Tanya, Yvonne. Heh. I’m going to see Jack’s family now. I need to get them presents! Oh, right. I heard that Grandfather Taylor’s 70th birthday party is in nine days. Heh! I want to attend it as well. Then I get to see more of Jack!”

It was evident that Sharon was now a fangirl of Jack White. She and her bodyguards quickly left in their cars.

“She managed to lose so much weight in three days?” Tanya went silent for a moment before a sigh escaped her lips. “Sharon is so pretty after she lost weight, and she doesn’t have any loose skin on her either. Jack is amazing, being able to treat a disease like that.”

Meanwhile, at a different place, a fiery red Porsche 911 parked at the bottom of a dilapidated housing complex. It contrasted starkly against its environment.

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