No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0476

Joan’s expression became displeased after she heard this. She had an uneasy smile as she replied, “Didn’t you promise to not ask for Jack’s hand anymore the last time, Miss Sharon?”

Sharon’s expression became awkward. “I—I wasn’t good-looking then, so it was only to be expected that Jack would reject me. Now, I’m a lot prettier, and Jack is such an outstanding man, so I want to give it another shot!”

Joan began to feel exasperated. “I appreciate your affection toward Jack, Miss Sharon, but I understand my son’s character better,” she insisted, smiling. “He’s stubborn and straight-laced. That’s why when he told you that he didn’t like you, chances are that you wouldn’t be able to convince him even if you tried again. I suggest that you let it go, Miss Sharon.”

“I know this, Auntie, but I still want to try. I won’t have any regrets only after I’ve tried!” Sharon gave a wan smile and clapped her hands. Some of her bodyguards then came forward and carried the gifts she bought.

“I didn’t know what to buy for everyone, so I’m giving a jade for each person here. I hope it’s to your liking! Since Kylie is still young, I just bought her a few dolls.” Sharon commented, smiling.

“My God. There’s one for me, too!” Xena took the lacquered box in joy and examined the jade inside. “This jade’s color is remarkable, Miss Sharon. This must’ve been expensive.”

“Not a single one of these jades our Young Miss has chosen for you is below a million dollars. These are very good jades!” one of the bodyguards immediately answered.

“So expensive? My goodness. Miss… Miss Sharon, you’re too generous!” Xena was extremely moved. So long as one was associated with the rich, they would always reap some benefits.

She never expected that staying by Ben’s side would bring her out of her miseries.

“How—how can we accept this?” Fiona’s face was all smiles; her heart bloomed in happiness.

“Why can’t you, Auntie? This is nothing if I marry Jack. And if I really do, we’ll be family. I’ll be willing to be the second wife. There’s no need to be so calculative among family!”

Sharon smiled and added apologetically, “But I do hope that you’ll be able to convince Jack, Auntie. I’m in no rush about this, so take your time. I can start off just being friends. I hope you guys keep quiet about this and advise him when you have the time. Who knows? He might just change his mind.”

How could they refuse after they had received such wonderful gifts? Moreover, if Miss Sharon truly became Jack’s second wife, then Fiona herself would share the happiness and have money to spend. She quickly made her stance known.

She never bothered to think twice about the matter as she enthusiastically answered, “Don’t worry, Miss Sharon. I also realized that you’re a nice girl, so I understand you. You’ll make a fine wife. I’ll definitely help you to convince Jack as best as I can!”

On the side, Joan was rendered speechless. Fiona had only met Sharon a few times, exchanged a few words, and she somehow understood her? Needless to say, she understood Fiona’s personality very well. She was a woman who would go to all ends for money. That was why she could not be bothered to argue with her. She pretended that she did not hear anything.

Andrew, however, could not bear to listen to this any longer. He coughed and said, “Let’s leave the kids to sort out matters between themselves. We have no rights to interfere in matters of the heart.”

He never expected his wife to roll her eyes at him. “The hell are you talking about? We’re far more experienced than them. That’s why we should take the initiative and guide them!”


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