No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0478

The mother-and-son duo placed Joan in a difficult predicament. “I’ll try my best,” she said perfunctorily, “but his opinions are his own. We can’t force him on anything.”

“That’s right, Joan. That’s the spirit! We can’t control his heart, but we can certainly try our best to advise him to decide what’s best for him.” Fiona’s face broke out into smiles again, seeing as Joan was on their side. She even called the other woman’s name so lovingly.

Joan merely smiled and proceeded to ignore Fiona.

At that moment, at a hall in the Eagle Clan’s headquarters, more than a dozen men sat together, all executives in the clan.

One of the middle-aged men had a dark expression. He remained contemplatively quiet for a while before starting, “Our men have returned. Unfortunately, the three hundred odd men who died in the forests at the city outskirts last night were our men. None of those men survived… Baldy was one of them.”

“What? Baldy’s also dead?” Another woman was so frightened that all the color drained from her face. She was also a skilled fighter, and she—along with Baldy and two other elders—built the Eagle Clan to its current heights. They were the Eagle Clan’s infamous Four Fighters.

The four were extremely strong. The Eagle Clan behaved more impudently compared to other clans due to these four. So long as the clan had the four, nothing could stand in their way. The two other elders exchanged glances, their gazes filled with the same heaviness.

“Who is it? Who could be that strong? Don’t tell me that our men offended one of the powerful Kings of War?” One of the elders surmised after he thought about it.

“That’s got to be it. Only a King of War would be powerful enough to defeat Baldy and three hundred of our men. After all, the opponent was a single person, not a group of people!”

The other elder nodded. “It’s probably impossible for us to avenge our men if a King of War is genuinely involved in this. We’d be lucky if he doesn’t come knocking on our door!”

The head of the Eagle Clan could only agree, nodding as he did. “That may very well be the case. This King of War might have plenty of devoted underlings. They’ll easily sweep the Eagle Clan the moment he gave the order. Besides, we’ve already suffered enough.”

“So we can only grit our teeth and do nothing with such huge losses? F*ck! This is the first time we’ve suffered like this!” One of the executives was evidently enraged beyond relief, his hand gripped tightly onto the armrest of his chair.

Crack! The entire armrest snapped under his overwhelming strength.

“It pains me to say this, but we have no choice. This person is too strong. We can only wait and see what happens. We have no way of retaliating now.” A sigh escaped the leader. He then added, “Nonetheless, we should send someone to check up on everything: find out who killed Baldy and the others, and why our men decided to provoke the person. We need to investigate everything thoroughly. We should at least know the identity of our enemy.”

“But what’s the use of knowing? That person’s a King of War!” The executive from before smiled a humorless smile. It was the first time he felt so helpless.

“It’s always better to know than to remain ignorant. If he offends someone in the future, and that someone could rival him, we can team up with them and obliterate him!

“We won’t even get a chance to take revenge if we don’t know anything!” The clan head spoke firmly, absolution evident in his tone.

His audience felt that this made sense to them after they heard this, and they sent their men to conduct investigations. It was certainly not difficult to find out the truth. After all, so many men had gone out that night. Of course, the ones who did not follow into the fight would want to know why the fight took place. That was why they only needed three days to find out everything.

Meanwhile, Jack had reached the Drake family’s residence.

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