No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0479

“Oh, you’re finally coming to work. It’s a pity that you missed the morning drama.”

Tanya and Yvonne—the latter sipping on coffee—so happened to be in the living room when Jack arrived. The former spoke in a sour tone.

“Morning drama? Tell me.” Curious, Jack walked over to the couch and sat down.

“A beautiful young woman came to see you. She said that she liked you and wanted to marry you.” Yvonne sneered. “I know you’re super happy on the inside!”

“A beautiful young woman? Who?” Jack was surprised for a moment before he replied, “I think the only beauties I know are the two of you and my wife. Oh, right—and the Goddess of War, Lana. Still, she’s definitely not either of you, and she’s definitely not Lana. My wife is already married to me… So who on earth could it be?”

“Sharon George. Didn’t you help her to lose weight? Now that she’s successfully lost weight, she’s much prettier now!” Tanya gave a bitter smile.

“Her?” Jack’s features contorted into an unreadable expression when he heard those two words; the girl’s name. “She should just give up. I’ve told her before that I don’t like her, and she promised me she wouldn’t pester me anymore if she successfully lost weight!”

For reasons unknown, Tanya and Yvonne’s hearts leaped in delight when they heard his words.

Still rather unconvinced, Yvonne continued, “You don’t like the version of her before she lost weight, no? Wait till you see her now. You might just get a nosebleed!”

“A nosebleed? You’re just pushing it now.” Jack chuckled dismissively.

“She looks so beautiful now, and she’s got a pretty figure. She gives the aura of a fresh spring breeze. It’s as though… As though she was your first love!” The words left Yvonne in her internal struggle of choosing words.

“That’s her business; I won’t like her anyway. I don’t have any feelings for her!” Jack shrugged nonchalantly. He took out a cigarette and began to smoke it, his countenance unhurried.

“Y—You don’t like her type?” Tanya asked, her heart dancing with joy.

“I’m happy with my wife!” That single sentence plummeted the girls’ hearts in an instant. Was this fellow genuinely not interested in beautiful women?

“Jack, Jack! Where are you?” A familiar voice was heard at this moment; at a rather unexpected moment at that. Sharon and her entourage of more than a dozen bodyguards came over, looking for Jack.

The moment she saw him, her eyes brightened and her cheeks flushed red. “I asked the bodyguards, and they told me that you’ve just arrived. You’re here, finally!”

Jack was somewhat—though not so much—surprised when he saw how she looked. “Not bad. Just as I predicted; you have pretty features. You’re truly a beauty once you lose weight!”

“Really? You think I’m beautiful?” Hearing those words, she mustered the courage to come before Jack and plunk herself onto his lap. She wrapped her arms around his neck. “Then do you think I’m attractive?”


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