No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0481

“What’s wrong? Have you lost your mind, now that a beautiful young woman willingly serves herself on a platter to you, you pervert? Don’t tell me that a pervert such as yourself is too shy to act on his impulses?” Yvonne mocked nonchalantly.

The exchange reminded Yvonne of the time Jack walked into her room right when she had just taken a nice, warm shower. She still bore that grudge against him until this day.

Jack did not expect the target would be on his back. “who told you that? Do you still remember who carried you on his back the night before when you were too drunk to even walk home?” Jack trumpeted deliberately. “And when you were on my back, my hands were not idling, too. Besides, I changed your clothes for you! Ring a bell?”

Jack recounted the incident in a sarcastic tone. He did not let Yvonne step on his tail since she was the one who started the mockery.

“You…” Yvonne’s cutesy cheeks were immediately kissed pink. She stomped her feet like a child, and with a slight annoyance in her tone, she complained, “Tanya, you told me my maid changed clothes for me. Why’s Jack saying that it was him? Did you lie to me?”

The sudden accusation stunned Tanya for a moment, then she remained speechless. Jack was obviously faking the facts to tease her, yet she fell for it.

Tanya pulled a bitter smile and explained, “My dear Sis Yvonne, how could you believe his words? Do you think I’d let him change your clothes? He’s lying!”

“Tanya, don’t hide it from her anymore. It’s nothing. I didn’t touch her at all. I just changed a new set of clothes for her,” Jack chimed in.

“In fact, Tanya herself requested me to change your clothes that night. She told me that you were too drunk to remember what happened. So, as long as she and I don’t say anything, you wouldn’t find out, and the same goes for the others! She made me promise to keep it secret.”

Jack’s expression was firm and solemn. Nobody could tell he was laughing uncontrollably inside his heart. He then added more fuel to the fire, “Don’t worry. This secret is safe with me…”

“I…” Anger flowed through Yvonne like lava. When she opened her eyes the next morning, she was already wearing her nightdress. If Jack had really changed her clothes, then Jack had probably…

She immediately cut off her train of thought and stared at Tanya, her eyes burning. “Tanya, tell me! Is this true?” She exploded. “Tanya, how could you let him do that? He’s a pervert!”

“Oh, my Lord! It’s not true! He’s fooling you!” Tanya did not know whether to laugh or to cry at this point. “Don’t you see it? He’s saying it deliberately to frighten you. Who you are to me? Would I lie to you?”

“Wha—You goon! I thought you were an honest person! How could you deceive me!” Yvonne breathed a sigh of relief, glaring at Jack.

“Ahem, wait, or do you secretly hope it was true?” Jack let out two dry coughs.

“Hmph! You wouldn’t dare to change for me!” She snorted coldly.

Jack was bored and he started playing with his mobile phone. He was skimming through some news when suddenly something on Eastfield News Network caught his attention.

“Ahem, Miss Tanya, I have an errand to run tomorrow morning, so I won’t be here in the morning, but I’ll be back by the afternoon,” he simpered and plastered an awkward smile on his face.

“Fine, but you can go shopping with us now, right?” Tanya pouted, feeling a little emptiness in her heart. She did not know when she started feeling a void in her heart whenever Jack was not around, but ever since then, she was always looking forward to seeing him again.

Yet, whenever she did meet with him, she would feel a flicker of irritation because of his solemn and cold attitude toward her.

The next morning, Jack arrived early at the entrance of an auction house, corners of his mouth curled up. “Babe, this villa looks fantastic. I’ll get it first and give you a surprise!” he murmured to himself.

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