No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0482

The Taylor family had been living in a community of townhouses. As the villas there were not large and sumptuous, the Taylor family bought multiple units, bordering them with tall thick fences and turning the area into the Taylor Residence.

On a small hill not far from the Taylor Residence was a huge and opulent villa resting at its foot.

Not only was the location of the villa strategic, but there was also an immaculate park nearby as well as a mega shopping small. That was why the price was exorbitant for such a villa, with its value estimated to be around 20 to 30 million dollars.

The villa was spacious and was divided into three floors, its interior design extravagant and rich.

The owner of the villa was the head of a third-class aristocrat family who had spent a fortune on this villa. The owner of the villa recently decided to move abroad. Thus, putting it up for auction.

The location was strategic and it was not far from the Taylor Residence. Hence, when Jack saw it on the Eastfield News Network yesterday, he immediately made a decision—he would bid for it, no matter what.

What he did not expect was to be stopped by two security guards when he arrived at the gate.

“I’m here for the auction!” Jack said, flashing a shy smile.

“Sir, if you want to participate in the auction, you need to go over there to have your assets and wealth status assessed and certified by our bank officers.

“The funds in your bank account cannot be lower than 50 million. Otherwise, you won’t be allowed to enter!” one of the staff explained.

“How troublesome!” Jack was speechless but he had no choice but to adhere to the process. He followed the staff member to get his assets assessed

The bank officer rubbed her eyes twice after seeing the result displayed on the machine. Was she mistaken? Dizziness washed over her when she realized that the information was correct.

Who was this man? How could a man possess such a large amount of money?

“Is everything alright?” Jack’s forehead creased, obviously displeased.

“Y—yes sir!” The bank officer’s voice trembled as she responded. She then handed his card back to Jack with both hands respectfully. She believed that the man before her was not an ordinary man.

After the verification process was completed, Jack quickly strode past the gate and entered. Already, there were a lot of filthy rich businessmen gathered in a private room. Obviously, they were all interested in this villa. Furthermore, the starting bid was not that high at all—only 10 million. Naturally, nobody wanted to miss this excellent opportunity.

A moment later, Ivan Taylor came into sight. His expression dulled and sank when he spotted Jack.

“What? Jack’s here? How could the rascal be here? Don’t tell me he wants to bid on the villa, too?”

Ivan started to ponder. There were only a few days left until old man Taylor’s 70th birthday, and Jack had promised to give him a gift worth more than 10 million dollars.

Could this villa be the gift that Jack was preparing for the old man?

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